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The Beautiful World of Buffets

When you hear the word “buffet,” you probably think of an endless row of food that usually ends with a full belly and heartburn. However, when it comes to decorating your home, a buffet may be the option you need when you are looking to complete a dining room, have an empty entryway or just need a piece with lots of storage. Buffets –  sometimes referred to as sideboards –come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and styles that will leave you hard pressed not to find the perfect one at our showroom or warehouse. When you come to visit us, keep these few things in mind.

How much storage do you need?

The main function of a buffet is usually storage. Buffets are great pieces to fill a room that otherwise doesn’t have cabinets, a closet or some other designated space to keep your possessions. They are usually placed in dining rooms to store china and make the room look less bare. Depending on the size of the room and how much you have to store is important to keep in mind. Some may need a large buffet like our eight-foot Umbria Sideboard, while something smaller like the Essex Buffet could suffice. It all depends on how much space you have to spare.

How neat are you?

When it comes to decorating, one rule remains constant: Clutter is not cute. Much like the trend of floating shelves in kitchens, buffets can have or not have doors, or be see-throughwith glass, like the MSI 442. Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself about how organized you plan to be when showing off your prized china.

Where do you want to place your buffet?

While buffets are usually located in the dining room, there is no reason they have to be confined to that space. A buffet can work in an entryway as a catchall or can even spruce up a hallway with decorative tchotchkes, flowers or mirror. For example, our Haxby Buffet, is a versatile design that will shine in any room. By taking these few questions into consideration, you can choose the right buffet to use and make sure it won’t cause you any belly ache.

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Sideboards and Media Consoles and TV Stands – Oh My!

There are many names for them but media consoles have always been an integral fixture in living rooms. Their style has changed over time from a boxy armoire with doors, to a streamlined design that is lower to the ground and puts the television on display. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from and here are some key things to remember when selecting the best one for you.

Style vs. Function

When shopping for a TV stand, you need to first ask yourself one question: Do I care more about style or function? This is an important decision because if you prefer function, look for lots of storage and a way to hide all those unsightly auxiliary cords, like our traditional Tempus Media Console does. However, if you care more about style, our Merino Sideboard may be just the piece you are looking for.

Size Does Matter

Take into account your TV’s size when purchasing a media cabinet. Always measure your television beforehand so you know how wide your sideboard needs to be. TVs are measured diagonally, from corner to corner of the screen. The TV’s width is a different measurement – from edge to edge – which you’ll also want to jot down. A good rule of thumb is that you want your TV stand to be at least two inches wider than the screens width. For example, a television with a 26” width would need a stand at least 28 inches in width.

Match Your Décor

If you are opting to not hire a decorator, you’ll want to pick a media console that won’t stick out like a sore thumb in the room. If you enjoy the modern look, go for a sleek design like our Bogart Sideboard. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy a matchy set when designing a room. If all your furniture is traditional with the popular grey wash, choose anything from the MSI 450 to the Sabine Sideboard to complete your home.

Now curl up with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the real star of your living room – your brand-new media console.

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How to Find the Perfect Dining or Kitchen Table.

Pull up a chair and let’s discuss dining and kitchen tables, arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home. Even though it seems we’re all just rushing through a meal on the couch watching Netflix, your dining table serves as a gathering spot and hub for activity. It is where we create lasting memories and bond with family and friends over food.

So, what are some things to keep in mind when making this important purchase?

Come in Prepared

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is putting the cart before the horse by trying to choose a table based upon already-purchased chairs. The dining table will most likely be the costlier of the two purchases and a longer lasting investment, therefore it is better to purchase that first.

Make Sure It Fits

While you want to choose a dining table that fits within your design scheme, you need to make sure it will accommodate seating space for your entire family. A good rule of thumb is that every 10-12 inches counts as a seat for a circular table. For instance, a 60-inch round table would seat six people comfortably. Also, do a little measuring beforehand to see how much space you can afford to lose in the room without making it feel too cluttered.

What’s Your Style?

Most importantly, when choosing a dining and/or kitchen table, be sure to keep your home’s décor in mind and get a piece that will fit in seamlessly. If the rest of your home follows a:

  • Traditional style, look for a table that will be transitional and never go out of style. Avoid trends and stick with basic shapes and materials like our grey washed Cheyenne Dining Table that allows you to dress it up or down with chairs and accessories.
  • Rustic décor, then any of our reclaimed wood tables are the way to go. Larger legs and wooden tabletop will give a farmhouse quality, like our Wentworth Dining Table,and bring in that country ambiance.
  • Modern elegance, go chic lines with high-end materials. Live-edge tables are very fashion forward and add a unique and upscale quality that sets them apart like with our Marlboro Salvaged Wood Dining Table.
  • Industrial or loft-like atmosphere, mix metallic materials with machine details like our Stockton Iron Crank Table

No matter what your style, find a balance of function and flair that you truly love. You don’t want to look back on all those Thanksgivings and remember sitting at something you regret.

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Bringing the Outdoors In

There used to be this notion that incorporating multiple outdoor elements into your living space would make your home look too bohemian and was not the most modern option; We all remember the dated looks of wood paneling and wicker furniture. When it comes to modern homes, many people think of marble, brass, steel and other metallic accents. However, nowadays, incorporating reclaimed wood, re-purposed teak elements and unique pieces made of petrified wood can make your home look chic, contemporary and expensive. These natural elements create a homier environment and make your home feel less sterile.

Reclaiming My Wood

The beauty and character of reclaimed wood is undeniable but what exactly is reclaimed wood? Reclaimed, or re-purposed, wood is materials taken from deforestation, torn-down structures, old doors, columns, etc. and then given new life. Not only is it an eco-conscious practice, but the wood is more weathered and distressed giving it a richer color and appearance that doesn’t resemble the cookie cutter pieces that have been massed produced.

At Home Source, we scour the world for solid lumber that is then crafted into ornate objects for your home. For example, our Camden Hutch and Buffet was masterfully crafted from historic doors and other pieces of furniture that was then given a grey wash to make it look uniform. We strive to be sustainable when creating our one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that cannot be found anywhere else in the Houston area.

The Root of Beauty

Another way to bring nature into your home is to literally take it straight from the ground. Some of our most majestic and eye-catching items are ones that have been formed from teak roots located in Indonesia, like the JS 161 Console Table or the RIS 529 Coffee Table. In order to make these tables, the roots are unearthed from the ground and are then sanded and polished to look expensive and professional. You cannot find pieces like these anywhere else and we guarantee they will make guests gasp when they see them in your home.

Petrified Wood Isn’t Petrifying

We can’t get into the specific scientific definition of what petrified wood is – that is for geologists – but a short description is that it is wood that has been turned to stone through millions of years of fossilization. However, all you need to know is that it is beautiful. Petrified wood includes hues of browns, warm amber and cool greys, and can be used in your home in many different ways. We offer gorgeous side tables and coffee tables that take a cross section of petrified wood and construct unique pieces of furniture. But it isn’t just tables, figures of petrified wood make eye-catching décor options that can bring an earthiness to any room in your home.

Fun with Animals

Ducks and fish and horses,  oh my! It isn’t just about the materials that you bring in your home, it can also be about how you decorate. Incorporating your favorite wildlife into your home can not only bring visual interest but a whimsical vibe. For example, if you enjoy the South Asian aesthetic, why not include one of our cast stone elephants? Little touches like this can bring a whole room’s theme together and create conversation elements.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to incorporate natural elements into your home and utilize their properties to make your space feel more alive.

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Industrial Furniture in Houston

Industrial furniture Houston

What is industrial furniture?

This is a style that originates with the great depression of the 1920’s where many factories had to close and people took factory furniture into their homes for daily use.  Today the industrial furniture style can be achieved by using furniture from factories, vintage furniture, as well as factory equipment that is re-purposed for home use.

Where the industrial furniture comes from?

Most of our industrial furniture comes from India, which was under the administration of Great Britain until 1947 when India declared their independence.  After this, many of the British companies and people left India, leaving behind factories and a great rail road system.  Since then, India has updated their factories and rail roads, in part with French technologies.  Now it is possible to find vintage British and French factory items in India.  We have been traveling to India for more that two decades where our contacts take us to their great findings, and we bring them to our stores in Houston.

Some Examples of Industrial Furniture

The Cleo lamp is a vintage French industrial table lamp.

The LDN 349 is an industrial work table that makes a great console table.

The LDN 330 is a vintage industrial barstool.

The Dunlap mirror is an industrial iron window panel.

The LDN 310 is an industrial bookcase with iron wheels.

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What is Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture, Houston.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is a product that has been discarded and ready for disposal.  Instead of taking it to the trash it is rescued to be reused, hence it is call “reclaimed”.  Doing this is beneficial to the environment because it is a source of good quality wood preventing the need to fall more trees.  This is also more cost effective, making it possible to offer exotic woods at an affordable price.

Where the Reclaimed Wood comes from?

We source our woods mostly from eastern countries, like India, Indonesia and China.  These countries have a rich tradition of hand-carving wood.  Thus, making beautiful figures and patterns for their buildings.  When these old buildings are demolished, we rescue these architectural features and use them in our furniture.  This way a window panel becomes a door for a sideboard, and a door frame becomes the frame of a bookcase.

Another source of reclaimed wood comes from old lumber companies that use to fall trees on a mountain side and drop them to the river and float them to the lumber mill.  During this process a good number of trees get wasted on the banks of the rivers.  Today we are going back to the river banks to find this wood.  Sometimes we find a tree that has fallen naturally.  In this case we try to keep the natural features of the wood, making furniture with living edges and rustic styling.

Finally we get a lot of planks from buildings and other structures.  These planks can be from houses, such as walls or floors.  We also get some planks from old trains, and pretty much wherever we can find them.  One of our chairs is made with planks of wood that we reclaim from an old pier.

Why should I buy furniture made of Reclaimed Wood?

There are several reasons to do this:

First, it is ecological.  You can get good quality, exotic woods while avoiding damaging the forest.  Some of the woods we carry are even protected species that are endangered because of unethical lumbering.  For these woods, the only legal way to get them is by reclaiming them.

Another good reason is that our pieces are unique.  Even if we have more than one, they will be totally different when it comes to colors, sizes, carving figures and details. This is the main reason we don’t sell online.  The products in our pictures are totally unique and custumers will receive a different looking piece of furniture.  We prefer you to come to one of our Houston stores and have a look at our inventory so you are sure you’ll love the one that you buy.

Finally, reclaimed wood is very cost effective.  This makes our furniture very affordable when considering the types of woods and the quality of the workmanship.

Some examples of reclaimed wood furniture:

The CTT 73 is a media console table that features reclaimed window panels and reclaimed hand carved details.

CTT 118 is a bookcase with a reclaimed door frame that features traditional hand-carvings.

Armchair, reclaimed wood furniture, from old pier.

RIS 545 is an armchair made with wood that was reclaimed from an old pier.

Bruno 18″ is an end table made of a section cut from a reclaimed tree.

The Croft console table features a top of reclaimed wood and an iron base for a modern look.

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The Best Furniture Store in Houston

Home Source furniture is proud to present the most popular items in our huge collection of eclectic furniture.  These featured pieces are our best sellers.  Our customers love them, they look great and are very affordable.

If you are looking for one of a kind pieces of furniture we invite to look at our Rare Finds.

Best media cabinet on our Houston store

Best Media Console

The Grish walnut 71″ is a Zen inspired media console with an open back.  Made of solid wood and finished in walnut, this media cabinet features clean lines and geometrical shapes that perfectly harmonize your media center. This console is so affordable and versatile that some costumers buy two and set them side by side to fill large rooms.

Best lounge chair in our Houston store

Best Lounge Chair

The Harlow lounge chair, is an arm chair with traditional lines.  The back and seat are constructed in genuine vintage leather, while the the wooden frame is rich in graceful curves and elegant profile.  Comfortable and great looking, the transitional design makes it fit perfectly in modern and traditional spaces.

Best Coffee Table

The RIS 442 coffee table is a fantastic piece of solid Teak root with a hand rubbed finish.  This coffee table will bring a big chunk of nature to your living room.  An excellent conversational piece of furniture!

Best desk on our Houston store

Best Desk

The Argos desk is a Mid Century design, with a curved profile.  With a natural finish on the top and dark walnut on the rest, the contrast is striking.  The vintage features of this desk include the stylized, solid wooden legs that elevates the desk above the floor.  Our customers love the high fashion and value of this piece of furniture.

Best Dining Table in out Houston store.

Best Dining Table

The 39″x79″ Lowell dining table is a total hit.  The simplicity of the design makes this table a timeless piece of furniture.  Perfect for any style, from traditional country to modern.  Built with solid reclaimed hardwood and finished in walnut to show the grain of the wood.  This table creates a luxurious dining experience at a budget price.

Best bed on our Houston store.

Best Bed

The Strassa bed is a king size bed, with traditional hand carved panels and a natural finish.  The traditional style of the bed is updated with the minimal finish to make this bed a wonderful piece of furniture.  The natural hues of real wood are trendy in Europe.

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Modern Designs

Our second container of the month has arrived!  This is the first container from this vendor so everything is new.  We have minimalist, modern and mid century styles.  Most of the finish work is a “Honey” stain to highlight the beautiful grain of the woods. We invite you to come to one of our Houston locations to have a look at our exciting new furniture.


End Tables

Coffee Tables


Media Consoles

Dining Table

Ava Desk

Console Tables



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Natural Finish

Our Sam Houston warehouse just unloaded a container with a selection of industrial and traditional furniture in a new Natural Finish.  This is a minimal process with the sole consideration of showing the natural grain of the wood.  We also received new designs in an exciting “Whiskey Finish” that still shows the grain of the wood but with highlights of a warm red hue.


End Tables

Coffee Tables

Console Tables


Media Consoles




Dining Table



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Industrial Beauty

Our second container this month brings 60 new designs to our fantastic collection of furniture. We received several unique industrial pieces, including lighting and elegant white marble. While we did receive new designs of our traditional furniture pieces, the highlight of this container is the selection of whimsical Steampunk furniture. Come in soon for the best selection.


Coffee Tables

End Tables


Dining Tables



Home Decor


Nigel Seating Collection


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Reclaimed & Repurposed

We have just finished unpacking our latest container and are very exited about all the fantastic finds from India.  We have plenty of reclaimed woods, antique hand carvings, interesting industrial pieces and hand finished Indian artisan accessories.


Chests and Trunks

Home Decorations

End Tables




Side Boards




Coffee Table

Night Stand