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Industrial Furniture in Houston

What is industrial furniture?

This is a style that originates with the great depression of the 1920’s where many factories had to close and people took factory furniture into their homes for daily use.  Today the industrial furniture style can be achieved by using furniture from factories, vintage furniture, as well as factory equipment that is re-purposed for home use.

Where the industrial furniture comes from?

Most of this style furniture comes from India, which was under the administration of Great Britain until 1947 when India declared their independence.  After this, many of the British companies and people left India, leaving behind factories and a great rail road system.  Since then, India has updated their factories and rail roads, in part with French technologies.  Now it is possible to find vintage British and French factory items in India.  We have been traveling to India for more that two decades where our contacts take us to their great findings, and we bring them to our stores in Houston.

Some Examples of Industrial Furniture

The Cleo lamp is a vintage French industrial table lamp.

The LDN 349 is an industrial work table that makes a great console table.

The LDN 330 is a vintage industrial barstool.

The Dunlap mirror is an industrial iron window panel.

The LDN 310 is an industrial bookcase with iron wheels.

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