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Bringing the Outdoors in with Reclaimed Wood

There used to be a notion that incorporating multiple outdoor elements into your living space would make your home look too boho. We all remember the dated looks of wood paneling and wicker furniture. When it comes to modern homes, many people think of marble, brass, steel and other metallic accents. However, incorporating reclaimed wood, re-purposed teak elements, and unique petrified wood pieces can make your home look chic and contemporary. These natural elements create a homier environment and make your home feel less sterile.

Reclaimed Wood

The beauty and character of reclaimed wood is undeniable but what exactly is reclaimed wood? Reclaimed, or re-purposed, wood is materials taken from deforestation, torn-down structures, old doors, columns, etc. and then given new life. Not only is it an eco-conscious practice, but the wood is more weathered and distressed. This gives it a richer color and appearance that doesn’t resemble the cookie cutter pieces that have been massed produced.

At Home Source, we scour the world for solid lumber and craft it into ornate objects for your home. For example, our Camden Hutch and Buffet was masterfully crafted from historic doors then given a grey wash to make it look uniform. We strive to be sustainable when creating our one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that cannot be found anywhere else in the Houston area.

The Root of Beauty

Another way to bring nature into your home is to literally take it straight from the ground. Some of our most majestic, eye-catching items are those that have been formed from teak roots located in Indonesia. For example, see the JS 161 Console Table or the RIS 529 Coffee Table. In order to make these tables, we unearth the roots from the ground and sand them down to look finished and professional. You cannot find pieces like these anywhere else. We guarantee they will make your guests gasp when they see them in your home.

Petrified Wood Isn’t Petrifying

We can’t get into the specific scientific definition of what petrified wood is – that is for geologists . Yet, a short description is: wood that has been turned to stone through millions of years of fossilization. All you need to know is that it is beautiful. Petrified wood includes hues of browns, warm amber, and cool greys. It can be used in your home in many different ways. We offer gorgeous tables that take a cross section of petrified wood and construct unique pieces of furniture. But it isn’t just tables. Figures of petrified wood make eye-catching décor options that can bring an earthiness to any room in your home.

Fun with Animals

Ducks and fish and horses,  oh my! It isn’t just about the materials that you bring in your home, it can also be about how you decorate. Incorporating your favorite wildlife into your home can not only bring visual interest but a whimsical vibe. For example, if you enjoy the South Asian aesthetic, why not include one of our cast stone elephants? Little touches like this can bring a whole room’s theme together and create conversation elements.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to incorporate natural elements into your home and utilize their properties to make your space feel more alive.

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