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What is Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is a product that has been discarded and ready for disposal.  Instead of taking it to the trash it is rescued to be reused, hence it is call “reclaimed”.  Doing this is beneficial to the environment because it is a source of good quality wood preventing the need to fall more trees.  This is also more cost effective, making it possible to offer exotic woods at an affordable price.

Where the Reclaimed Wood comes from?

We source our woods mostly from eastern countries, like India, Indonesia and China.  These countries have a rich tradition of hand-carving wood.  Thus, making beautiful figures and patterns for their buildings.  When these old buildings are demolished, we rescue these architectural features and use them in our furniture.  This way a window panel becomes a door for a sideboard, and a door frame becomes the frame of a bookcase.

Another source of reclaimed wood comes from old lumber companies that use to fall trees on a mountain side and drop them to the river and float them to the lumber mill.  During this process a good number of trees get wasted on the banks of the rivers.  Today we are going back to the river banks to find this wood.  Sometimes we find a tree that has fallen naturally.  In this case we try to keep the natural features of the wood, making furniture with living edges and rustic styling.

Finally we get a lot of planks from buildings and other structures.  These planks can be from houses, such as walls or floors.  We also get some planks from old trains, and pretty much wherever we can find them.  One of our chairs is made with planks of wood that we reclaim from an old pier.

Why should I buy furniture made of Reclaimed Wood?

There are several reasons to do this:

First, it is ecological.  You can get good quality, exotic woods while avoiding damaging the forest.  Some of the woods we carry are even protected species that are endangered because of unethical lumbering.  For these woods, the only legal way to get them is by reclaiming them.

Another good reason is that our pieces are unique.  Even if we have more than one, they will be totally different when it comes to colors, sizes, carving figures and details. This is the main reason we don’t sell online.  The products in our pictures are totally unique and custumers will receive a different looking piece of furniture.  We prefer you to come to one of our Houston stores and have a look at our inventory so you are sure you’ll love the one that you buy.

Finally, reclaimed wood is very cost effective.  This makes our furniture very affordable when considering the types of woods and the quality of the workmanship.

Some examples of reclaimed wood furniture:

The CTT 73 is a media console table that features reclaimed window panels and reclaimed hand carved details.

CTT 118 is a bookcase with a reclaimed door frame that features traditional hand-carvings.

Armchair, reclaimed wood furniture, from old pier.

RIS 545 is an armchair made with wood that was reclaimed from an old pier.

Bruno 18″ is an end table made of a section cut from a reclaimed tree.

The Croft console table features a top of reclaimed wood and an iron base for a modern look.

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