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14 Easy Ways to Make You Happy in the Comfy, Cozy Home That You’ve Always Dreamed Of

14 ways to make your home comfy and cozy

More than ever, our homes need to function as a calming haven that is our escape from the world. Comfort is paramount. Whether you’re kicking back to watch a movie or enjoying a delicious family meal, your home should inspire relaxation and reflect a comfortable and stylish interior design in every room. The key is figuring out how to balance comfort and style in all your spaces. Here are 14 easy ways to elevate your comfy, cozy home so that you are content and comfortable in your own space.

“The coziest homes have a soul and a story to tell, where meaningful pieces come together effortlessly with functional ones, where every corner piques interest and makes everyone smile—a place where you feel like you are being hugged the moment you walk in the door.”

1. Start with a plush sectional

Home Source Alisa 93″ Upholstered Sofa, Paxton Khaki

Every comfortable living room should have a deep seating option, especially if you have kids. It provides a comfy place for you to kick back and relax with your family, have movie nights with friends, or even just stretch out for an afternoon nap. We love a sectional for extra space, but it’s up to you if you want a sofa or a sectional.

Whichever option you go with, top it with some cozy and fun patterned pillows to give it some extra cushioning. If you’re not sure that one will fit in your living space, don’t worry. Obviously, there are plenty of options available and you’ll easily find a more compact design that’s just as stylish and cozy.

2. Find a signature scent for your dreamy home

Trust me when I say that there are plenty of ways to cozy up your home with scents, whether derived from a candle, a diffuser, an essential oil spray, or just the smell of perfume in the air. Having scents around the house creates an instant mood.

Sometimes, a solution to cozying up your home in one simple step is to light a candle! Candles don’t have to be expensive to smell amazing, either.

3. Texture = Welcoming

Layering rugs is also a great way to add texture to your home.

Plush pillows and soft tapestry. Baskets and natural fibers. Smooth leather and rough natural woods. A combination of textures is a key element to any comfortable home design.

It’s about engaging all the senses in every room of the house, so experiment with a wide mix. Try pairing a leather bench with a slipcovered sofa, hang an eye-catching chandelier in front of a mirror above your mantel, or go for the raw-wood headboard and offset it with piles of soft linen pillows. Get creative with your furniture and accent mix and see what suits your taste.

4. Add Something Organic in Every Room

Decorating your home with driftwood is a wonderful idea because it is not only stunning to look at, but also very eco-friendly since you are re-purposing old wood into brilliant designs. Having an organic look in your home with nature-inspired objects of driftwood is a very trendy style. It not necessarily limited to just beach or coastal style, this look can create a super rustic ambiance. This will not only soften up your home but provide a comfy mood for the room.

5. Play With Pops of Pattern

When it comes to instant style, patterns are a great way to add visual interest and a personal touch to any space in the home. It also provides a strong sense of comfort.

If you’re not one for a lot of color and pattern in your house, try adding bright accents such as printed pillows, bold wall art, and quirky design objects that you can switch out as needed. This lets you ease in patterns without committing in a big way.


Plants are cozy because they are living things.

Be warned though: at some point or another, some of your plants will die. It happens even to the most seasoned gardeners so don’t despair! It’s part of the learning process.

The other wonderful thing about having lots of plants means you get to accessorize with just as many glorious vessels! Plants housed in pots, planters, and baskets are in and of themselves very cozy and have the benefit of adding textural pops of interest to any room. There is something about live plants that just makes for a comfy, cozy home.

7. Create a Bold Palette

Using rich and deep colors is an effective way to give an impression of warmth. Dark charcoal and navy both look fantastic on walls and work well together, especially when teamed with furnishings in contrasting colors, such as berry shades and mustard yellow,’ she explains. Wooden furniture is also excellent in combination with a dark palette.

Bring in burnt oranges, deep reds, mustard yellows, earthy tones, or saturated colors for a bolder choice. Reflecting on the seasons in your home is a great way to freshen up your space. To really lift these colors and bring them to life, consider a mixture of creative layouts, patterns, and textures.

Mid-century modern and industrial styles in particular look great teamed with rich shades.

8. Add some shine to your life

Copper and brass work especially well with grey and navy walls. Of course, you can introduce a bit of sparkle with most colour schemes if you go for small highlights such as scatter cushions, tea light holders, and picture frames.

Another great use of metallics is on the inside of lampshades as it will cast a warm glow to the surroundings, and even when not lit will still add interest and opulence to the scheme.

9. Upholstered Headboard? Yes PLEASE.

You can instantly dial up the comfort and style in your bedroom by adding a soft tufted headboard as the centerpiece. The plush texture and curves will make it a captivating focal point in the bedroom while also offering you padded support.

Plush = Comfy AND cozy.

Balance it out with other luxurious accents, such as glamorous lighting, a bold rug, and a chic bench. The goal is to design a room that makes you want to sleep in on the weekends and turn in early on weeknights.

10. Divide with consoles.

Console tables are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Whether pushed up against a wall or against a sofa, these can act as easy barriers to separate different areas of an open-concept living area or to separate seating arrangements.

A simple wooden console table provides storage and creates a barrier between the seating area and the open space around it. Moving furniture away from the walls creates a much more intimate seating area.

11. A personal library

There’s something comforting about books. Bookshelves take up a large amount of wall space, so they’re easy to add to a living room where the furniture is pushed away from the walls.

For owners with a smaller collection, arranging items together with knick-knacks and accent pieces is a great way to fill the vertical space. This design also attaches a large piece of artwork to the empty shelves just above the sofa. Who wouldn’t want to read in a comfy, cozy home?

12. Decorate with stuff that you like

Next, make sure to decorate your home with the stuff you like, so you would always feel cozy where you live. If you like to read, make yourself a house library. If you like to watch movies, make yourself a house cinema. Anything that would further personalize your home, and make it more welcoming.

13. Go crazy with the pillows

I am a pillow hoarder & usually load up every single piece of furniture. This instantly makes for a comfy, cozy home. Sometimes this can annoy people who look at our photos or some get intimidated by adding pillows because of the “room” issues, but in our home, we sit on the pillows, toss them on the floor, hug them, squish them, & wear them out. The pillows at our house are meant to be used & to really be used for comfort. No pillow is safe around these parts.

14. Mix the old and the new

One of the most important ways to character to your home is to include vintage or antique pieces! They don’t have to be family heirlooms. In fact, purchasing second hand pieces on Craigslist or in thrift stores can be so rewarding and add so much charm to your home.

And there you go, folks! Those were some of the best interior design tips for a comfy, cozy home. If you enjoyed the article, or if you have anything to ask, let us know.