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Deciding on the Right Furniture for a Small Living Room

Thoughtful furniture selections can make your living room feel open and beautiful. Learn tips for choosing the right furniture for a small living room.

A small living room presents furnishing challenges, but with the right strategies, you can create a cozy, stylish, and functional space. Use these essential tips for deciding on the right furniture for a small living room.

Prioritize Clean Lines

Ornate furniture with large decorative features overwhelms small spaces, making your living room look and feel crowded. Choose furniture with clean lines to create the illusion of more space.

Furniture pieces with open bases show more of the living room floor, making the room feel larger. Tapered furniture legs and squared sofa arms are stylish and don’t encroach too much on the room. Mid-century modern designs excel at keeping rooms airy.

Incorporate Multifunctional Pieces

Another tip for deciding on the right furniture for a small living room is to incorporate multifunctional pieces. Aesthetics and functionality should go hand in hand in with your design.

A coffee table with built-in shelves is a great way to reclaim space. An open space beneath the coffee table will help the room feel bigger. But if you plan to store essential items on the coffee table, a closed compartment may hide visual clutter better.

Scale With the Two-Thirds Rule

Appropriate furniture sizes create balanced rooms. Large furniture takes up valuable floor space and can make it difficult to move around. But miniscule furniture makes the room uninviting.

The rule of thirds is a helpful design guideline for choosing appropriately proportioned pieces. The room will feel more balanced if the sofa is about two-thirds the length of the wall it sits in front of. The coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa.

By prioritizing clean lines, incorporating multifunctional pieces, and choosing furniture of the right scale, you can make your small living room inviting and comfortable. Home Source Furniture carries beautiful solid wood furniture in Houston. Visit our showroom to explore versatile, high-quality consoles, coffee tables, sofas, and more.

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Tips for Making Your Home Office More Comfortable

Tips for Making Your Home Office More Comfortable

One of the most challenging aspects of working from home is maintaining your focus at work. A comfortable home office can improve your concentration and reduce stress. No matter how often you work from home, use these tips to make your home office more comfortable.

Use an Ergonomic Desk and Chair

Your desk and chair are the most important furniture pieces in your office. An ergonomic setup supports your body and prevents aches and pains from developing.

The standard desk height is 28 to 30 inches tall. You can equip your desk with a monitor riser that brings your desktop monitor to eye level, relieving shoulder pain and eye strain.

Choose a chair with adjustable height that offers good lumbar support. When you sit at your desk with your hands on the keyboard, your elbows, hips, and knees should bend at about a 90-degree angle to minimize discomfort.

Choose Excellent Lighting Color Temperature

Another tip for making your home office more comfortable is to have a flexible lighting system with adjustable lights. LED lights are energy-efficient and come in various color temperatures to suit your preferences.

In general, lights that are more white than yellow are ideal for the home office. Kelvin (K) measures a light bulb’s color temperature; the higher the K value, the whiter the light. Look for bulbs in the 3000—5000 K range for your office.

Control Noise Levels

Noise distractions can interrupt your train of thought and make you feel anxious or annoyed. Consider using noise-canceling headphones to block external sounds or playing soft background music or white noise.

You can lower noise levels with sound-dampening room features like rugs and heavy curtains. You can also hang acoustic sound panels on your walls to absorb sound waves and dampen noise. The panels can come in solid colors or feature artwork to add visual interest to your space.

Organize and Customize With Bookcases

Finally, use bookcases to improve the style and functionality of your home office. Bookcases provide ample storage for books, documents, and office essentials that you don’t want cluttering your desk.

Displaying books, photographs, and decorative accessories can help you feel more inspired at work. Personalizing a bookcase is an easy and fun way to customize your home office decor and enhance overall comfort.

Using an ergonomic desk and chair, lighting with the appropriate color temperature, controlling noise levels, and utilizing bookcases make your home office more enjoyable. Home Source Furniture provides beautiful home office furniture in Houston that supports productivity and comfort. Shop for desks, bookcases, and cabinets in various styles, including popular industrial and hand-stressed designs.

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What To Know When Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame

What To Know When Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame

The bed frame is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. The right bed frame can improve sleep quality and elevate your bedroom design. Discover what to know when choosing the perfect bed frame.

Measure the Bedroom Dimensions

Consider your bedroom’s dimensions to select furniture that makes your space look and feel balanced. For the most comfortable fit, keep two to three feet of clear space around each side and the end of the bed.

Measure the bedroom to determine the range of bed frame sizes your room can comfortably hold. If you want to visualize what your new bed frame will look like in the room, you can place painter’s tape on the floor to mark the area the bed will occupy.

Consider Your Mattress’s Needs

If you’re keeping your current mattress, be sure to get a properly sized bed frame for adequate support and a beautiful look. You should also keep in mind support and ventilation requirements for your mattress type.

For example, adequate air circulation is critical for longevity and temperature regulation for memory foam mattresses, so you should select a bed frame with slats or ventilation holes. Bed frame slats should have no more than three inches of space between them for even support across the memory foam mattress.

Think About Bed Height

Bed frame height affects your bedroom’s style, storage possibilities, and ease of moving in and out of the bed. For many people, the most comfortable bed frame height allows them to sit on the edge of the bed with their feet flat on the floor and their hips and knees at 90 degrees.

However, you may prefer or require a higher or lower bed frame. It’s often easier to get in and out of a taller bed, and the added height provides more discreet storage space under the bed. In contrast, you may prefer a lower bed frame for a minimalist look or if your bedroom has low or sloped ceilings.

Compare Bed Frame Materials

Finally, select a bed frame that complements your interior design preferences. The frame’s material and color give the furniture its unique character.

You can choose from metal, wood, and upholstered bed frames. Metal bed frames have a more open look than wood or upholstered bed frames, thanks to the space between the rods in the headboard and footboard.

Wood bed frames have a warm, organic aesthetic and come in various shades. Upholstered bed frames add softness to the bedroom, and special designs, like a tufted headboard, add an elegant touch. The headboards of wood and upholstered bedframes create a striking focal point.

When choosing the perfect bed frame, it’s essential to consider your bedroom’s dimensions, mattress requirements, bed height, and the frame’s materials. You can browse an array of stylish and secure bed frames at Home Source Furniture.

Our handcrafted bedroom furniture suits a range of styles, including minimalist, industrial, and eco-chic. Shop with us today for beds, dressers, and nightstands for homes in the greater Houston area.

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Ways To Set the Perfect Table for Any Occasion

Ways To Set the Perfect Table for Any Occasion

Enjoy creating a hospitable gathering place for friends, family, and guests. Read on to learn a few ways to set the perfect table for any occasion.

Charming, Informal Dining

Lay your tablecloth or placemats down. Then, place the dinner plates on the table, each centered in front of a chair.

Place the folded napkins on top of or to the left of the plates. Place the forks to the left of the plates, which might be on top of the napkins.

Put the knives on the right side of the plates, with the blades facing the plates. Then, put the spoons next to the knives.

Next, place a water glass above and to the right of each plate. The glasses should be a few inches above the gap between the plates and the knives.

This is the basic table setting. If you’re using bread plates, place each bread plate on the top left, a few inches above the fork. Put the butter knives on the bread plates, angled diagonally with the handles pointing toward the guests’ seats.

Casual Chic Dining

You can use a casual chic table setting for dinner parties, holidays, and other special events. This style builds on the informal table setting.

Place the tablecloth, placemats, dinner plates, and folded napkins in the same way as previously stated. Place the large dinner forks to the left, closest to the plates. Put the smaller salad forks on the other side of the dinner forks.

Lay the knives to the right of the plates with the blades facing the plates. Put the teaspoons on the other side of the knives and the soup spoons beside the teaspoons. Place the water glasses and wine glasses a few inches above the knives and spoons.

If you want to use salad plates, put them to the left of the forks. Situate the bread plates and butter knives above the top left of the main plates, like the basic table setting.

Formal Dining

For formal dining, lay out a tablecloth. Then, place a charger or service plate on the table in front of each chair.

Next, place the folded napkins on top of the plates. Put forks to the left of the plates; from closest to furthest from each charger, place the salad fork, dinner fork, and fish fork.

Place the dinner knives closest to the chargers on the right side. Then put the fish knives, if needed, on the other side of the dinner knives. Place the soup spoons beside the fish knives and oyster forks to the right of the soup spoons.

Put glasses a few inches above the chargers and dinner knives; place the water goblets, wine glasses, and champagne flutes from left to right. Put the bread plates and bread knives to the top left of the forks.

Knowing how to set the perfect table for any occasion will improve your presentation and boost your hosting confidence. Create the perfect gathering with modern dining room decor from Home Source Furniture. Shop with us today for stylish dining tables and chairs.

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Why Multi-Functional Dining Tables Can Be So Versatile

Why Multi-Functional Dining Tables Can Be So Versatile

Open-concept floorplans and work-from-home schedules have transformed the modern home. Many households value creating versatile spaces that fulfill more than one purpose, and furniture is one way to enhance a room’s functionality. Discover why multi-functional dining tables can be so versatile.

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3 Living Room Layouts To Try if You Have a Fireplace

3 Living Room Layouts To Try if You Have a Fireplace

A fireplace symbolizes a cozy, welcoming home, but it can also feel intrusive, making it challenging to design a comfortable, stylish, and functional room. Many homeowners want to balance the fireplace with their living room furniture and TV. Discover three living room layouts to try if you have a fireplace.

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Tips for Designing a Gorgeous Master Bedroom

Tips for Designing a Gorgeous Master Bedroom

What makes a gorgeous master bedroom? Every bedroom should reflect the owner, but how do you achieve the comfort that any sleeping space should showcase? Focusing on a few key details can help you pull your vision together to make something special. Assemble your interior design game plan today using these tips for designing a gorgeous master bedroom in your home.

Find the Big Picture

Instead of choosing decor piece by piece without a large thematic plan, take time to step back and find your ideal aesthetic. Don’t worry; this doesn’t require you to be an interior design specialist. Simply put, what will achieve the comfort and warmth that anyone should have in their bedroom? Industrial and rustic designs each bring character to the decor in their own ways, with aged components being a primary focus.

Likewise, do you want the room to feature a bright color scheme that lights up the space or something a bit more subtle? A more subtle approach is typically best for bedrooms because it’s a room for rest, but your preference ultimately determines your choice. Once you see the big picture, filling it in with wallpaper, furniture, and more decorative elements will become easier and more focused.

Focus On Easy Mobility

An impactful way you can make your bedroom look stunning and feel cozy is by providing ample empty space. Your bedroom layout can promote productivity or it can reduce it, depending on your game plan. Of course, huge sections of empty space can make the room feel more desolate than inviting. However, there’s a comfortable middle ground you can land in. For instance, consider how you will move around the bedroom every day. Design clear walkways you can maneuver.

Can you easily move through your morning routine with your existing or planned decor? Does the space feel overstuffed? If you need to expand the empty space in your bedroom, consider adding new storage. A jewelry box, storage chest, and other relatively small pieces can help you clear clutter and elevate your interior design.

Use Pieces That Will Last

One of the most important tips for designing a gorgeous master bedroom is to find long-lasting materials. After all, if something is worth having in your bedroom, it should be something you want to have around for a while.

For instance, we provide solid wood bedroom furniture in Houston. The look of solid wood furniture is only one factor that makes it enticing to homeowners. Solid wood furniture is strong, so it won’t wither away during its first year in your home—no high-quality piece of furniture should. If you prioritize strength, space, and style in your bedroom, then it will be a space you feel happy to rest in every night.