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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Professional Home Office

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Professional Home Office

Do your best work in an office that’s welcoming, personal, and inspiring. Discover a few mistakes to avoid when designing a professional home office.

Combined Work and Living Spaces

One of the struggles of working in a home office is staying focused on work tasks. A well-designed home office underscores the separation between work and personal time to boost your productivity.

If your office is part of a flex room, you can use a room divider or thoughtful furniture placement to create a distinct separation between your work and living spaces. Use your office for work only, and let other members of your household know when you cannot be disturbed.

A Bland Room

Another mistake to avoid when designing a professional home office is creating a bland space. An office that looks boring can make you feel bad for being there, especially when you’re surrounded by more lively areas of your home. Use office furniture and accessories to transform your office into a welcoming space that inspires you.

Office furniture anchors the room both functionally and aesthetically. Choose a desk, bookcases, and cabinetry in a design style you love, like traditional, rustic, or minimalist. Use accessories, photos, and art to infuse the space with personality.

Poor Lighting

Lighting with a single source of light produces uneven, flat illumination and unflattering shadows. Use layers of lighting to create a more dynamic space. A mix of lighting makes it easier for you to focus on tasks, create your desired ambience, and see your space clearly.

If your home office has a window, use window dressings that you can adjust to let in natural light. Install bright overhead lightbulbs that help keep you alert. Place one or two lamps, such as table lamps and floor lamps, around the space to add extra light where you need it.

A Crowded Workspace

One of the worst mistakes you can make in your home office is letting it feel cramped and disorganized. Not only will your space look chaotic, but you can also lose time searching for items you need.

Effective organization improves the feeling of any room. Your work desk should have enough space for your keyboard, desktop or laptop, mouse, and your other everyday items, such as a notepad, water bottle, and organizer.

If it feels overcrowded or you have to move items around to access what you need, it’s time to reorganize. Consider replacing your desk with one that has built-in storage. Or, you might want to add a stylish cabinet to keep supplies organized.

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