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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa for Your Living Space

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa for Your Living Space

Sofas can be great centerpieces for a living room or any area in the house that needs an extra touch of style and coziness. Our guide below will introduce you to easy tips for choosing the right sofa for your living space. If you want to find a couch with the right mix of visual appeal and a wonderful feel, read on.

Know the Available Space

Obviously, you’re familiar with the space; it’s your house. That said, you should get a more precise measurement of how much space you have to work with. This helps with shopping because if something is too big or small, you can move on to a better fit. Moreover, assessing the space in this way helps because it means you can brainstorm alternative layouts if your initial idea doesn’t work out.

Consider the Surrounding Aesthetic

Another detail you should assess is the surrounding aesthetic. For instance, if you’re aiming for an upscale or industrial aesthetic, there is plenty of high-end living room furnitureavailable featuring unique designs in line with those themes. Likewise, you can find many hand-stressed pieces that fit beautifully into a rustic setting. Simply put, even when you narrow down your aesthetic preferences, your options remain vast.

Contrast or Complement With Colors

Beyond the overall theme of the surrounding décor, think about how you can play with the colors, too. For instance, you can find ways to showcase a color that is already prominent in the living room, making the sofa feel like a natural addition to the home.

However, you can also find ways to contrast with colors that aren’t prominent in the room. For instance, bringing in pops of white or grey can create more visual depth in a space that uses primarily darker neutrals. Each home is unique, so which color strategy is right for you?

Remember, Comfort Is Crucial

One of the most integral tips when choosing the right sofa for a living space is to prioritize comfort; there’s more to furniture than the aesthetics, after all. From upholstered fabrics to leather, sofa surfaces come in many forms, so cast a wide net to see which texture best fits your preferences. In other words, assess comfort just as you would the couch aesthetics.

A sofa is a place to sit down and relax, whether decompressing after work or socializing with guests on the weekend. Now that you have the details above, you won’t have to compromise comfort for stunning aesthetics. Instead, you can mix both conveniently.

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What To Look For When Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture

What To Look For When Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is a space for relaxation, and furniture plays a big role in achieving that sense of relief. Understandably, not everyone is an expert in bedroom furniture, so novice mistakes can happen when shopping. Luckily, the details below will provide insight into what helps homeowners build a bedroom they’re proud to own. Let’s identify what to look for when choosing the right bedroom furniture.

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3 Must-Know Tips for Furnishing Your First Home

3 Must-Know Tips for Furnishing Your First Home

One of the most crucial steps to take when moving into your first home is furnishing it. However, there are many furniture options, so finding all the perfect items can sound intimidating to new homeowners. Similarly, it’s easy to make novice mistakes when choosing furniture, but those mistakes are avoidable. If you’re unsure how to approach this project, read the tips below to learn the ropes. Our must-know tips for furnishing your first home will help you delve into this subject with less stress and more clarity.

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Trends in 2021 That Will Make You Want To Never Leave Your Home

Trends change about every 10 years, and after 2020, I think everyone is ready to flip a new page!

2020 has had such a big impact on everyone, and really in all parts of our day-to-day lives. Financially, physically, spiritually, relationally – you name it, it has been affected.


Home Source Funriture has had an influx in sales due to the fact that people are restyling their homes.

The DIY crowd was out in droves as a lot of people realized they have the time to get projects done in their homes, yards, and gardens. Even my mom got a chance to finish her dream garden.

In a similar vein, the interior design styles and focuses that became more popular are really centered around the idea that people are spending much more time in their homes due to the pandemic.

On one hand, I think most everyone wanted their home to feel more comfortable, and more like a sanctuary.

While on the other hand balancing a need to be able to functionally do just about everything at home. Working, schooling, socializing and exercising- all in addition to the regular “home” things like eating and sleeping. It is a shift that puts the focus on our homes and immediate surroundings in a way that really hasn’t been seen in quite some time!


Some of the most obvious design element changes I saw last year were that mid-century modern furniture seemed to really start taking a back burner, and I think that’s mainly due to comfort! Those couches can look really stylish and sleek, they didn’t hold a candle in the comfort of the welcoming department.

Minimalism also seemed to be dying down.

Again, I think this is because of the idea of people needing to use their homes so much more and need to use their own space for so many more of their everyday activities, they realized they would need a bit more of the things they could have previously done without.


  1. Color:
Rustic Vogue

Personally, I am seeing so much more color in 2021! I think we’ve had our past decade with lovely whites and neutrals, but now the colors are making their way back, and I am here for the color pops!

Honestly, I think the specific colors themselves that are having their time in the sun are the jewel tones!

Think: mauve, apricot, peach, coral, mustard yellow (this one is the one I’m loving the most), forest green, navy blue, hunter green.

2. The Farmhouse Split:

Contemporary Farmhouse

Another big change I’m noticing is a bit of a split in the Farmhouse Style that has become so popular.

About half of the current farmhouse trend is headed to modern farmhouse, similar to Studio McGee’s style.

3. Cottage Core

Cottage core.

If you’re not familiar with cottage core yet, I think the best way I can explain it is:

  • Sweet
  • Vintage
  • Old English
  • Garden
  • Victorian

Basically a farmhouse backdrop, but with lots of florals and colors in the foreground.

4. Wall Treatments:

Wallpaper is in for 2021. Fun colors and patterns are making it's way back into people's home.
Home is designed by Erika Bonnell

In 2021, I can see the white shiplap trend really starting to quiet down, at times simply with different colors (I’ve seen some painted black recently), and at other times, replaced altogether with a new take on board and batten walls.

I’ve been seeing lots of geometric and grid-shaped accent walls made with 1″ x 2″ pieces of wood and then painted in the dark rich colors I mentioned earlier.

Wallpaper is making a pretty fantastic comeback as an accent wall! With lots of colors and fun florals.

Fun accent wallpaper is another thing you shouldn’t be surprised to see in my own home in the coming year.

5. Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2021:

In the kitchen, I’m seeing light, almost raw wood cabinets coming back – which feel like they fit very nicely with both modern farmhouse and cottage core.

6. In the Living Room:

Something fun that I have noticed a few times are these long, high bookshelves – I’m talking within about 1′ of the ceiling that almost look like an aspect of the millwork.

It’s a kind of creative use of that space that I haven’t seen around much before!

We love seeing greenery in homes! Are you a plant parent?

I’m also seeing lots of plants making their way into designs in all the different parts of the home – which I think really ties into the idea of us wanting sanctuary in our homes since we’re there so much.

This classic frame, modern sofa is reminiscent of a well-tailored suit with its exposed seams. The solid, handcrafted hardwood frame is upholstered with full-grain leather that is both soft and durable. The cushions are filled with eco-friendly, high resiliency, foam interior, making it a comfortable seating option for any living room.
Home Source’s Grant Leather Sofa, Tavern Whiskey

Cognac sofas are also really popular! Home Source has plenty of different styles of cognac sofas and they are always in stock. Not only are they stylish, but they are super comfortable!

What’s really neat about cognac is that it’s both a classic, and a current trend! This is one piece I’d recommend a bit of a splurge on if it’s something you love!

7. Caned Furniture:

Reminiscent of your grandfather’s classic radio, this media cabinet is a blast from the past. This thoroughly retro TV stand is constructed out of natural wood with rattan-covered doors to add texture and a vintage feel that makes this media stand look more bohemian and unique.
Home Source’s Forbes 70″ Media Console, Organic Natural

If you find vintage caned pieces while thrifting, I’d definitely suggest you snag them up!

There are also some really creative caned furniture options I’ve been seeing around! Some have been so bold as to use it as a full treatment on their cabinet doors, but I think I would stay away from such a large usage on a hard fixture, and stick to adding them on a smaller furniture piece that you can swap out later if needed.

I also think concrete fireplaces will be popping up more and more this year!

This is actually one time I might say it would be OK to ignore my “hard finishes” rule if this was a look you really loved. This treatment could totally be done over the top of an outdated stone fireplace if you were looking for a change.

8. Lastly, Black is back!:

I think it’s been about since the 80’s that black has been kind of relegated to the sidelines, but I truly see it making a comeback in 2021.

It can be so beautiful when used as an accent color, but I have to say that I think it can become a little flat, gothic and heavily masculine when used in too great a quantity.

Feel free to dabble and add those sophisticated elements, but be careful not to over do it!


The Home Source Team hopes this serves as a helpful look ahead and inspiration for you!

Let us know in the comments below which of these you’re most looking forward too, or if you see any other trends on the horizon that you think I might have left off!

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Home Source Furniture: 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Home.

Does your home feel a little bland to you?

Being your own interior designer could be fun but a tad stressful. With the pandemic going on, it can feel like we are stuck at home. We want to make our home feel like our sanctuary. A place where we can feel tranquil. Using the items we do have in stock here at Home Source Furniture in Houston, Texas, I found 5 different ways to spice up your home. Here are 7 different tips and tricks to add some spice to your home and make you feel euphoric.

1. Know your style.

I would look on Pinterest boards and/or Instagram profiles that have the specific style that you are going for. What mood do you want to convey in your home, not just for yourself but for others that are welcomed to your home? This should be obvious to anyone who steps past the doormat. However, do not go overboard with the theme. It could definitely get overwhelming and sometimes, cheesy. An example would be an entire apartment filled with a beach theme. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the beach, but what kind of feelings does the beach convey to you? Serene, relaxing, tranquil, and sometimes exotic. You can translate these moods in certain colors, decor, or even music when you have company over.

2. Add depth with a mirror.

Saddle Mirror, Home Source Furniture Warehouse

Adding a large mirror will make your space look a lot bigger than it really is. Our Ansley Oversized Hand-Carved Mirror is definitely a statement piece that looks like it was plucked straight from a European Palace. You do not have to own an oversized mirror, but having mirrors to hang can create the same effect as an oversized mirror. Besides, mirrors enlarge the space and help to distribute light so they are also quite practical. If you enjoy the touch of luxury you definitely should buy such a mirror for your home. Here is also a selection of mirrors that can help create more depth in your home. Home Source Furniture, located in Houston, has many different types of mirrors that could brighten up your home.

3. Roll out a rug.

Our neighbors in Houston, Madison Lily Rugs, have many different types of rugs that go well with all sorts of different styles that you could be going for. Rugs can give both small and big space dwellers the chance to change the mood or feel of an entire room with the addition of a single thing. Rugs come in all sorts of style, size, shape, and texture. Every rug is unique and has its own character.

4. Using driftwood for décor.

Teak Root, Home Source Furniture Post Oak Showroom

This could be an eco-friendly way to use driftwood for decor. Driftwood is typically associated with the coastal or beach theme; however, it can be used for the rustic, farmhouse, or industrial style you are going for. Our store has one-of-a-kind driftwood that is created by designers from tables, decor, wall hangings, lamps, stools, end tables, and more. They can also be functional. For example, a driftwood jewelry hanger, candle holder, wall shelf, or photo display. Driftwood is also very cool for table décor – for centerpieces, placemats, and table garlands. Enjoy the lovely pictures below and get inspired!

5. Texture. Texture. Texture.

Finally, the last way to spice up your home is with texture. Interior design experts say that understanding the importance of texture can be a bit overwhelming because it refers to virtually every surface in the room, from furniture to textiles, wall finishes, floor coverings – and the list goes on! Interior designer and The Block judge Darren Palmer says textural elements, “[When] layered together correctly, will play like a symphony.”With a lot riding on the idea of texture, achieving this look is more than just adding a throw rug here and some patterned cushions over there: So what are the tried and true ways to add texture to a room?Jessica Bellef, an interior stylist for Temple and Webster, shares her top tried-and-true tips for softening the look of your home with textured surfaces and decorative items.

Here are 5 ways to add texture to your home:

  • Roll out a rug.
  • Add plants/greenery. You can even put the pots in baskets!
  • Embrace imperfection by adding antiques or driftwood into your home.
  • Play with patterns.
  • Creative wall hanging like macramé or fiber art.

Although decorating could be fun, it definitely should not be overwhelming or stressful; however, it takes time to pick out décor and furniture that you love and are unique to your taste. Own your environment and make your home an environment you’re proud of. Come visit Home Source Furniture at one of our Houston locations. to add some spice to your home!

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7 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Family Cabin

Have you recently bought a family cabin? Are you preparing to decorate your family cabin soon? It can be overwhelming when it seems there is so much to design, plan, decorate, and purchase. We’ve made it easy with these “7 simple ways to decorate your family cabin”.

Tip #1 Decorate your Family Cabin with Plenty of Seating

The cabin is meant to be a place for family to gather. That may be the first reason you bought it in the first place. To invite people to sit around and stay awhile creating great conversation, you may find it fun and cozy to seat many people in the great room. There are many ways to achieve this. First, make sure to put in a large couch. From there, build around the couch. Add soft chairs with character (think leather or upholstered pieces). Poufs can be a simple decoration or be used as extra seating when needed.

Tip #2 Decorate your Master Bedroom with Unique Pieces

Think about it, this is your second home. Your home away from home, if you will. Instead of decorating the master bedroom exactly like your every day home, go with a more unique style. Perhaps you find yourself leaning more toward the cozy cabin feel so you choose a rustic headboard. You might also need a unique dresser for storage when you stay the week. Throw in some nightstands and a bench and you’re set in the master suite.

Tip #3 Put A Unusual Bench in the Entry

As mentioned above, this is a fun opportunity to choose pieces you love but wouldn’t ordinarily bring into your home. Put a bench like this one on the front porch that has a lot of texture so it adds to the curb appeal, while also providing a quiet place to watch the sunset. Also, use a bench right inside the entryway where people can sit to take off their boots. Speaking of benches, perhaps you’d like to use one like this near the fireplace for those cozy, chilly nights.

Tip #4 Choose Reclaimed Wood for Guest Rooms

Reclaimed wood is the perfect addition to any cabin, regardless of location. It is both warm and rustic while creating a classical or traditional style for the room. Throw in plenty of neutral colored throw pillows and a giant duvet for cozy nights.

Tip #5 Choose a LARGE Kitchen Table

Because the cabin is meant to be a gathering place (at least some of the time!!) you might think about the size of kitchen table you’d like. How many family members and friends might you like to fit around the table at one time? A reclaimed wood table would make quite a statement in your cabin kitchen. If you’re having a hard time choosing a kitchen table to decorate your family cabin, check out this blog post for some tips!

Tip #6 Outdoor Furniture

If your cabin is somewhere that is warm at least part of the year, outdoor furniture will be extremely important. Rustic benches work very well for back decks. Throw in an outdoor table and chairs with a pop of fun color.

Tip #7: Splurge on a Few Pieces

If you see something that just flat out speaks to you, don’t push it to the back of your mind. Often times, a statement piece is all the room needs to come to life. You may find it easier to design the rest of the room when you have a statement piece and design around it. Usually, it is worth saving up for the perfect furniture pieces to decorate your family cabin.

Can’t wait to see how you decorate your family cabin! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, & Facebook to stay updated with the best tips.

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Quarantine Home Office: 5 Feminine Pieces You Need

Quarantine home offices just might be the most used place in your home these days. As unfortunate as that may be, you actually find yourself a bit excited at the idea of updating a few pieces in your quarantine home office space. Here are a few of our favorites to spark some ideas for you!

The Nico Desk for Your Quarantine Home Office

feminine home office

The Nico Desk is rustic and elegantly simple. No Nico desk looks the same since each piece of wood is unique. This piece is easy to build your home office around.

The Lawford Chair

office details

The Lawford Chair. This chair is aesthetically gorgeous, as well as absolutely comfy for the long hours you’ll spend at your home office desk.

The Edison Book Shelf

home office bookshelf

The Edison Bookshelf. Every office needs a great bookshelf. This bookshelf is inspired by industrial factory carts and utilitarian function in addition to a clean line simplicity.  Classy yet trendy, the modern industrial is in.  This bookcase offers the perfect combination of functionality, casual appearance and unique design for a contemporary home.

The Izzy Chair

art deco feminine chair

The Izzy Chair. Add a little flavor to your home office space with one or two of the Izzy Chair. Throw in a touch of vintage nostalgia to your home with this seashell back chair.  Upholstered in an alluring black velvet fabric with polished electroplated chrome legs.  The backrest features tone-on-tone stitching and a flared scalloped border.  A gorgeous Art Deco design, perfect for moments of relaxation.

The Cameron Floor Lamp

industrial floor lamp

The Cameron Floor Lamp. Add a little charm to your home office space with this steampunk floor lamp. It is made of pipes and a vintage street lamp so it brings a little something old into the new space you’ve created.

We can’t wait to see what you do to update your quarantine home office space. So, tag us in your photos @homesourcefurniture so we can see!

If you want more golden content like this, follow us on Pinterest & Instagram and like us on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing!

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5 Tips For Choosing Your Kitchen Table

How to choose a kitchen table

5 tips for choosing your kitchen table. Are you struggling to choose the best kitchen table for your home? This is the post for you!

Choose The Size of Your Kitchen Table

Transitional dining table. Houston Furniture Store.

First, choose the right size. The size will be determined by two factors.

#1. How many people need to be able to sit around it at one time? You may want to be able to fit every aunt and second cousin for the holidays but consider the every day life occurrences for the kitchen table instead. Perhaps, choose a table to fit your immediate family in the kitchen and leave the holiday dinners to your dining room table.

#2. What does your kitchen have space for? Choose a table that fills up the available space but doesn’t go overboard. You should be able to easily walk around it even with the chairs there too.

(You can find the table to the left here.)

Choose The Shape

Houston Furniture Store. Round table.

What shape is your go to? What would fit in your space best? The most common shape of table is a classic rectangle. However, it is becoming more common to choose round tables in the kitchen as it makes for great conversations. You might find yourself going with a square kitchen table as well.

(You can find the table to the right here.)

Choose The Style of Your Kitchen Table

Houston Furniture Store.  Barn wood herringbone kitchen table.

Do you like a rustic style? What about french-country? Whether you find yourself leaning towards mid-century modern, transitional, or modern farmhouse, you’ll need to know which style you’d like before you officially choose a kitchen table.

(You can find the table to the left here.)

Choose The Material

Houston Furniture Store. Reclaimed wood table.

These days there are so many options when it comes to materials. The important thing is that the table you choose will be with your family for years, if not generations. It is important to choose a material that can withstand the test of time. Bonus points if it can withstand the changing of styles as well! Whether you choose a live edge oak, deep stained walnut, hand carved wood, salvaged wood, weathered wood, choose one with a promise of high quality. When choosing a kitchen table, the material truly matters-not only in style but durability as well.

(The table to the right can be found here.)

Go With Your Gut

Modern dining table. Houston Furniture Store.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you read or how long you search. You know in your heart what your favorite kitchen table is. And if you don’t… it’s the one you thought of when you read that last statement *wink*.

So make the call, stop by the store, hit purchase. You know which one you need now– congratulations.

*psstttt we deliver!*

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Five Masculine Home Office Pieces You NEED For Quarantine

Quarantine, we are all tired of the word. But here’s something we are not tired of: home office updates. If we must work from home, we might as well do it in comfort and style. Without further ado, here are five on sale pieces that will make all your quarantine home office dreams come true.

The Taylor Desk

This modern writing desk is perfect for a home office. The mid-century design features a solid, reclaimed wood top and hand-forged iron legs that flare out from the middle. It is the perfect addition to any contemporary home.

The Jaxon Chair

Add richness and masculinity to your home office and make sure everyone knows you’re the boss with this classic desk chair. Mimicking a classic club chair, this swivel office chair features a high-backed silhouette with tufted detailing. The soft, hand-finished Brazilian leather is expertly tailored and a plush seat for those long, working nights.

The Brisbane Shelf

Calling all Lone Star State-rs. Shelves of reclaimed wood appear ensnared in thin iron bars in this unique industrial, mid-century bookcase. This modern eclectic shelving unit with a unique wrought iron star design when facing straight on, has five open tiers that puts books on display.

The Bellamy Leather Couch

With its sheltering arms and deeply tufted upholstery, this chesterfield sofa is synonymous with comfort. The classic design features roll arms with brass nail heads and a low backseat. The vintage top-grain leather with traditional styling adds an expensive and lux appeal to any office.

The Cameron Floor Lamp

Steampunk floor lamp, made of pipes and a vintage street lamp.  A conversation piece for any office.

All these pieces are on sale and ready to party in your quarantine home office. Can’t wait to see how you put it together!

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5 Ways To Achieve Scandinavian Modern Style

Scandinavian Modern style is all the rage these days (and honestly will probably stay that way forever since it brings a cozy, clean, calm vibe along with it). Scandinavian home design is known for its simplistic form, clean lines, and functional design. One of the most important parts of achieving Scandinavian Modern style is choosing the correct colors– greys, blacks, whites with pops of leather, greenery, and natural wood.

Tip #1 Start with Neutral

Modern Scandinavian Home Decor

Neutral colors are the main building blocks of Scandinavian Modern Style. Arguably, it is the most important part of achieving this beautiful, calming style. Aim to have 85% of your room in black, white, cream, tan, and gray. Perhaps, start with a gray or cream couch in your home. Choose a neutral rug and a comfy throw. Neutral throw pillows are a great addition as well. Long neutral curtains and walls go a long way.

Tip #2 Throw in Pops of Natural Wood

Live edge wood dining table

Natural wood is all the rage in modern and Scandinavian styles. When styling a home office, build your decor around a natural wood desk or chair. Natural wood frames, mirrors, pots all add to the feel. Live edge wood dining tables add a beautiful pop of natural wood in a kitchen. Moreover, natural wood dressers or cabinets are a great addition in hallways and bedrooms. In a family room, add a coffee table as a center point of the room. The goal here is to choose only touches of wood while still keeping most of the room neutral in color and pattern.

Tip #3 Think Simple

Scandinavian style nightstands

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Scandinavian style is all about calm, clean, bright. Remove any clutter from bookshelves, end tables, nightstands. Minimalism is what makes up Scandinavian style. Every item serves a clear purpose. In every sense, less is more here. Marie Kondo the heck out of your space. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring joy, toss it.

Tip #4 Toss in A Bit of Leather

leather chair and footstool

Say yes to some gorgeous leather. Similar to the amount of natural wood mentioned above, we only want a bit of leather thrown in. Just enough to draw the eye but not so much to overwhelm or darken the space. In a family room, consider a vintage leather sofa that will truly never go out of style. There are so. many. options. when it comes to choosing leather sofas and sectionals. Choose wisely because these last for generations.

You may also decide to add accents of leather by throwing in some leather pillows or a leather chair and footstool. In a kitchen, leather barstools. In an office, leather office chair.

Tip #5 Add Greenery

Unique Hanging Pots

Choose greenery. Scandinavian style involves pops of life. Succulents are all the rage. However, you may find that palms, fiddle leaf figs, and other unique greenery fits you better. Hang greenery from the ceiling in hanging pots (String of Pearls are our favorite), set them near your media center, or on your nightstand. Greenery not only adds life to your light, bright, clean Scandinavian style, but it also improves the air quality, promotes clean living, and provides a safe haven in your home. (And if you’re anything like the rest of us, fake plants don’t die and they make some pretty realistic looking ones these days so… maybe use those too… or instead…)

Use these five tips to bring the Modern Scandinavian style to your home. Enjoy the neutral, calming, bright color scheme while embracing accents of greenery, wood, and leather.

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The Best Furniture in Houston & Where to Find It

How can you find the best furniture in Houston? In the world? Furniture plays a big part in our lives so finding the best furniture in Houston for our homes really matters. Think about it. You get home from work and where do you sit? On furniture. You make dinner and where do you eat it? On furniture. You have friends over and where do you hang out? On furniture. Your family gets together for the holidays and where do you spend your time? On furniture. What you fill your home with not only determines how comfortable you are but also how inviting and welcoming your home becomes.

That is why we are sharing our secrets about the most beautiful and best selling pieces in our showroom. We travel the world looking for the world’s best and bring it back to Houston, Texas because we believe only the most unique and highest quality pieces are worth bringing into our homes.


vintage sideboard houston furniture

This sideboard is made from vintage doors in India. As a result, The Canar sideboard is truly one of a kind. You just can’t create old Indian doors in a factory. This traditional recycled wood sideboard is rich with texture and style due to the handcrafted rustic white finish. Refined vintage wood doors provide generous storage serving as a beautiful multi-purpose media console or a dining room buffet. (And bonus points: there is a Warm Walnut color choice for this as well!)


mid-century modern office desk, modern farmhouse, houston furniture

The Taylor Writing Desk is a mix of both masculine and feminine energy. We love the mid-century design which features a solid, reclaimed wood top and hand-forged iron legs that flare out from the middle. It is the perfect addition to any contemporary home. Has reclaimed wood ever met black iron more perfectly? (Check it out in the Tobacco & Brass color as well.)


modern, contemporary, modern farmhouse, media console

The Felix Media Console has us starry-eyed. Sleek and low to the ground, this modern media console is constructed from salvaged wood and is given a beautiful cognac finish. The contemporary, straight lines lend to a minimal design that will accommodate flat screens while the opening will easily stow media equipment. Four drawers at the bottom open to plenty of storage space. Modern meets reclaimed wood as we run with the modern farmhouse vibe. (Extra points because it comes in other colors too!)


french country, kitchen table, houston furniture, transitional, traditional

This dining room table has a timeless quality to it. The vintage-inspired design was crafted out of sustainable wood with a classic weathered grey wash finish. The carved detail in the legs gives your kitchen a unique touch. It is a transitional table that will make your home feel even homier. (We’ve paired it with the Emilia Chairs in the picture at the top of this page.)


teak coffee table, unique coffee table, contemporary, houston furniture

Your guests will be awe when they see this one of a kind ancient teak wood base that is a complete root system of a fallen tree. We find these fallen trees root systems in the jungles of Indonesia and upcycle them into unique and gorgeous coffee tables, shelves, and decor. Celebrate the beauty of nature and invite it into your home with this one-of-a-kind coffee table. Exclusive to Home Source Furniture in Houston. (Come see it in all its variety at our warehouse.)


Houston furniture, french country, kitchen table, dining table

Say hello to the Savannah Dining Table. For those who want a rustic and unique dining table, look no further. This refined and traditional table is made from 100% solid reclaimed wood and then distressed with a weathered natural wash, leaving a two-tone French country look. The trestle table was given a water-resistant coating making it stain free and features hand-carved antique column legs. Exclusive to Home Source Furniture in Houston.


transitional bed, headboard, transitional, master bedroom, houston furniture

This transitional upholstered Baylor king bed is an elegant addition to any bedroom. The tall, pleated, parchment twill headboard is modern and exudes both feminine and masculine energy. The neutral tone of the headboard allows you to change and play around with different colors and patterns to fit current trends.


lounge chair, leather, ottoman, modern, vintage, brass, houston furniture

The Jansen Lounge chair blows so many others out of the water. Put your feet up and take a load off in this stylish chair and ottoman. Brilliant turn-of-the-century style brass legs provide a unique, angular silhouette that is sophisticated and casual. Luxe top-grain leather gives a marbled appearance with oak detailing. Brass meets saddle leather with old fashioned sophistication.


houston furniture, leather, sofa, vintage, modern, contemporary, trendy, cognac

This Grant Leather Sofa has everyone drooling. It is soft, vintage, comfortable, classic, and trendy all in one go. The sort of couch that stays a family favorite for years to come. It’s one of those kinda things that just get’s better with time.

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