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The Top Living Room Design Trends of 2023

The Top Living Room Design Trends of 2023

For many households, the living room is the heart of the home. Get inspired by the top living room design trends of 2023 and refresh your furniture, colors, and textiles.

Smooth Upholstery

Highly textured fabric like curly, piled sherpa and looped boucle experienced a surge in popularity and became frequently used on sofas and armchairs. However, this year’s trend is to move back toward smoother fabrics like linen, cotton, and velvet. Consider incorporating nubby throw blankets on your updated furniture for a cozy aesthetic.

While upholstery might be smoothing out, consider special weaves if you want your furniture to have more pop. Twill couches have a surface woven with diagonal parallel ridges that add dimension. And tufted backs make sofas and armchairs more classically luxurious.

Natural Materials

Natural materials continue to bring the raw beauty of the outdoors into living rooms. Natural fibers, leather, solid wood, and marble are some of the most popular materials trending in living room design in 2023.

Live-edge coffee tables feature organic lines that celebrate the tree the wood came from. But the trend of embracing nature also reaches more polished pieces, such as glamorous console tables that feature finished wood, brass, and marble.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is more eco-friendly than new wood, and with modern design principles, it can be every bit as chic. You can choose from wood varieties such as teak, walnut, cedar, pine, acacia, and more. When your furniture is made with old-growth wood, you have pieces that are less likely to splinter, split, or warp when compared to new-growth wood.

Consider a sideboard if you want to incorporate reclaimed wood into your living room; this will equip your space with a beautiful piece of furniture that has abundant storage. Place this versatile piece under the TV or behind the sofa.

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