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Ways To Mix and Match Your Dining Room Chairs

Ways To Mix and Match Your Dining Room Chairs

When shopping for dining room chairs, you just find something that’s cozy, right? Not if you want to bring the dining room together aesthetically and comfortably. Luckily, this balance is easier to achieve than you may expect. Try these ways to mix and match your dining room chairs to find a more satisfying layout.

Have a Consistent Throughline

The great thing about dining room chairs is that they vary wildly in design. For instance, our dining room furniture in Houston ranges from barstools to chairs in various shapes, textures, and beyond. You can mix and match these chairs in creatively fulfilling ways, but what’s particularly important is your throughline.

No matter how each chair differs, having a consistent design element keeps the whole arrangement visually cohesive. For instance, lining the dining room table with differently shaped chairs creates a visual contrast. That said, keeping the same color pattern brings cohesion to the piece. You can also go in the opposite direction and choose the same exact chair design but in different hues that appeal to your personality. The colors might also fit with a specific design element in your home.

Consider a Bench or Couch

One fun way to mix and match your dining room chairs is to introduce a bench or couch. This provides a nice visual contrast, but you can still find colors, textures, and more creative throughlines to maintain visual cohesion. You can consider mixing a couch or bench cohesively into the table design by matching heights.

Keeping the chairs around the table at the same height as your couch or bench prevents the table from having a lopsided design. Instead, everything meshes beautifully. Plus, someone in a chair can talk with someone on a bench without having to adjust their position to match the height.

Explore Different Aesthetic Themes

As mentioned above, a consistent design throughline enables you to creatively contrast certain elements. One element you should explore in particular is the overall aesthetic theme. You may assume it all should fall under a rustic or industrial umbrella. The truth is that you can explore both and more options.

This is ideal for anyone who wants a diverse design that brings many creative ideas together. Plus, it lets you get the best of both worlds. You can experience multiple themes at once. Then, if you decide to shift the design, you can take inspiration from whichever pieces have appealed to you the most. After all, unless you’re redesigning the house for potential buyers, your preference is the most important compass to follow.

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