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What To Consider When Choosing Chairs for Your Dining Room

What To Consider When Choosing Chairs for Your Dining Room

The seating you choose for your dining room affects how the space looks and how you feel at the table. With various styles to choose from, the task of finding the right chairs can feel overwhelming. Simplify your decision-making process by learning what to consider when choosing chairs for your dining room.

Dining Room Size and Layout

Assess your dining room’s size and layout to understand the best design opportunities. Allow about six inches of space between the chairs to give everyone a comfortable amount of space for sitting and moving around the room.

Chairs without armrests and benches are excellent space-saving options. Backless benches create a more open look because they do not interrupt sightlines. In contrast, armrests can create a more luxurious look and provide enhanced support.

Dining Table Height

Your table’s height is another factor to consider when choosing chairs for your dining room. A comfortable pairing lets you sit with plenty of space between your lap and the bottom of the table.

Standard-height tables are typically between 28 and 30 inches tall and pair well with seating 18-23 inches high. Counter-height tables are 34-36 inches high and pair well with chairs that are 24-26 inches high.

Tip: Visit a Showroom To Test Out Chairs

You will know the dimensions that feel the best to you once you take a seat. Visit a showroom to see and feel how well chairs of different heights pair with a table comparable to your own.

Your Interior Design Style

While your dining table and chairs don’t have to be a perfect match, they should be in complementary styles to create a cohesive look. Popular dining room styles include vintage, rustic, industrial, modern, and transitional.

One fun design decision is how much you want your dining furniture to match. If you want a more intriguing dining room set, choose matching chairs in a different color or material from the table so that they stand out.

You could also match most of the chairs but choose a different style for the head and foot of the table. Finally, you can go for an eclectic look with every chair in a different color or style.

Material Durability and Maintenance

Dining chair materials typically include wood, metal, acrylic, and upholstery. High-quality material and sturdy construction are two factors that contribute to durable chairs you can use for years.

When choosing chairs that will continue looking great through the years, consider the care instructions. Dining chairs are susceptible to spills and stains, and recommended cleaning methods depend on the type of upholstery and the cause of the stain. For example, cleaning leather is different from cleaning faux suede, and the right upholstery for your home depends on the material’s maintenance requirements and your willingness to care for it.

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