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Your Interior Design Style According to Your Zodiac Sign Part 2

Okay everyone. Here is the part 2 that you all have been waiting for.


Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality, with each astrological sign having its own individual strengths, traits, and desires. Are you an energetic Gemini who constantly likes to switch up their interior design style, or a trend-conscious Aries who is always one step ahead of the design game? Or maybe you’re a globe-trotting Sagittarius who loves displaying treasures from around the world.

By using your star sign to help make interior design decisions, you can create a warm and welcoming space that truly reflects your inner character. From your must-haves to your must-avoids in terms of color, style, and accessories, we’ve covered all you need to know about injecting a little personal style based on your star sign, into your home.


Libra's interior design style

September 23 – October 22
Element: Air
Ruling body: Venus

First, Libras prefer to stay away from flamboyant style, opting for minimalistic interiors instead.

Although they love luxurious details and fabrics, a Libra desires a home that’s balanced between elegance and tranquility. A Libra doesn’t want their space to be too over the top.

Your interior design style is likely to be French Luxury/Rococo. Libras must avoid garish prints and modern designs. A Libra constructs a peaceful home which they fill with elegant mirrors, scattered cushions, and romantic paintings and prints. The color palette is made up of Champagne pink, lilac, and light grey. Any room decorated by this zodiac sign is sure to be a lavishly pretty boudoir that portrays absolute serenity and warmth.


October 23 – November 21
Element: Water
Ruling body: Pluto

Scorpios love to stand out and make a statement. They are passionate, seductive, and not afraid to speak their mind. Most of the respondents under this sign have chosen the Industrial style as their favorite. If you want to achieve this style you will need to invest in metal elements and furniture, be bold with black, and if you can, add elements of exposed brickwork into your home.

Secondly, Scorpio-born is passionate, determined, and decisive and once they know what they want, will not stop until they have reached their goal. Scorpio’s have no interest in fad trends or artificial decor; they want the real deal and for their home to reflect their honesty and self-awareness. As a result, those with this zodiac sign express their character by the details in their possessions and, intrigued by its history, are often drawn to mid-century gothic or industrial architecture.

Your interior design style is likely to be Industrial/Gothic. Dark colors such as emerald green and plum purple, and mixed textures including fur, silk, and wood are much-loved, while a jungle of house plants are frequently found in Scorpio homes. This sign needs to be submerged in nature – artificial plants or imitation furnishings are simply not good enough.


November 22 – December 21
Element: Fire
Ruling body: Jupiter

Sagittarius is the philosophical defender of the galaxy, who armed with a bow and arrow, is a keen traveler, curious about the wider world and what it has to offer. Therefore, this sign’s greatest treasure is their freedom.

Your interior design style is likely to be Coastal. Sagittarius loves to travel, so it’s unsurprising that their go-to interior style is coastal themed. Whether you live close to the sea or not, simply tap into soft hues of blue, grey, green, and white, a color combination that is never far from a beach scene.

Those with Sagittarius as their star sign wear their heart on their sleeve and their home is a reflection of their wild character and obsession with our planet.


December 22 – January 19
Element: Earth
Ruling body: Saturn

A sign that represents time and responsibility, and is very serious by nature, Capricorn is often seen as the father of the zodiac. Capricorn-born individuals do still lust after elegant details to admire. This hard-working sign values great craftsmanship and hand-worked touches. They honor those who took time and patience beautifully building the furniture they’ve purchased. A Capricorn’s appreciation of quality that stands the test of time makes their home a sanctuary that’s classic and heartwarming.

Your design interior style is likely to be Traditional. With a timeless sense of style, Capricorns are big on traditional, comfortable home décor. Those with a Capricorn sign are attracted to furniture that has a stately feel – think large armoires, leather sofas, or cabinets full of crystal or fine china. Their style is not trend-driven; they know what they like and it needs to be practical, economical and reliable.


January 20 – February 18
Element: Air
Ruling body: Uranus

Although they can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarius-born has a deep need to be alone and away from others in order to restore their power. This means it’s essential that their home is a haven of harmony and tranquility.

Thanks to the ruling planet Uranus, Aquarius-born have a visionary quality. Capable of perceiving the future and knowing exactly what they want, these interior designers are sure to choose something that will awaken and inspire them. As the water–bearer sign, the Aquarius sign loves vibrant hues and colors of the ocean, like blue, green, violet, and indigo. Their homes incorporate all elements of life too; often filled with vases and soothing Zen fountains. As an air sign, roomy space with lots of ventilation is a dream of by an Aquarius too. 

Your interior design style is likely to be Avant-Garde. This sign’s design style is avant-garde and unconventional, yet also ensures the latest gadgets look right at home. Hand-painted details, DIY fixtures, and ridiculous patterns are at the core of an Aquarius’s home. Aquarius’s have a great eye for exciting artwork that provokes conversation. Sometimes even their own art work makes the walls.