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5 Ways To Achieve Scandinavian Modern Style

Scandinavian Modern style is all the rage these days (and honestly will probably stay that way forever since it brings a cozy, clean, calm vibe along with it). Scandinavian home design is known for its simplistic form, clean lines, and functional design. One of the most important parts of achieving Scandinavian Modern style is choosing the correct colors– greys, blacks, whites with pops of leather, greenery, and natural wood.

Tip #1 Start with Neutral

Modern Scandinavian Home Decor

Neutral colors are the main building blocks of Scandinavian Modern Style. Arguably, it is the most important part of achieving this beautiful, calming style. Aim to have 85% of your room in black, white, cream, tan, and gray. Perhaps, start with a gray or cream couch in your home. Choose a neutral rug and a comfy throw. Neutral throw pillows are a great addition as well. Long neutral curtains and walls go a long way.

Tip #2 Throw in Pops of Natural Wood

Live edge wood dining table

Natural wood is all the rage in modern and Scandinavian styles. When styling a home office, build your decor around a natural wood desk or chair. Natural wood frames, mirrors, pots all add to the feel. Live edge wood dining tables add a beautiful pop of natural wood in a kitchen. Moreover, natural wood dressers or cabinets are a great addition in hallways and bedrooms. In a family room, add a coffee table as a center point of the room. The goal here is to choose only touches of wood while still keeping most of the room neutral in color and pattern.

Tip #3 Think Simple

Scandinavian style nightstands

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Scandinavian style is all about calm, clean, bright. Remove any clutter from bookshelves, end tables, nightstands. Minimalism is what makes up Scandinavian style. Every item serves a clear purpose. In every sense, less is more here. Marie Kondo the heck out of your space. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring joy, toss it.

Tip #4 Toss in A Bit of Leather

Say yes to some gorgeous leather. Similar to the amount of natural wood mentioned above, we only want a bit of leather thrown in. Just enough to draw the eye but not so much to overwhelm or darken the space. In a family room, consider a vintage leather sofa that will truly never go out of style. There are so. many. options. when it comes to choosing leather sofas and sectionals. Choose wisely because these last for generations.

You may also decide to add accents of leather by throwing in some leather pillows or a leather chair and footstool. In a kitchen, leather barstools. In an office, leather office chair.

leather chair and footstool

Tip #5 Add Greenery

Unique Hanging Pots

Use these five tips to bring the Modern Scandinavian style to your home. Enjoy the neutral, calming, bright color scheme while embracing accents of greenery, wood, and leather.

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