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A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Dining Room Table

A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Dining Room Table

The dining room table is often the centerpiece of family gatherings and social events. With so many options available, finding a table that meets your practical needs and fits your style can be daunting. Make the decision easier with this quick guide to finding the right dining room table.

Measure the Room

The right table size is essential for a comfortable and visually balanced dining room. Each seat at the table will need 22 to 24 inches of table space, although larger chairs require more space for comfortable dining.

Measure the dining area to determine how much space you have available for the table. Leaving at least 36 inches of free space between the table and each wall or other surrounding furniture gives diners enough room to sit and stand.

Consider the Room’s Shape

Dining tables are typically round, oval, rectangular, or square. Consider the shape of your dining room to find the best table shape.

Round dining tables work well in smaller spaces and tend to fit more people than square or rectangular tables. Rectangular tables work best in narrower dining rooms. Oval tables have similar requirements to rectangular options but take up less space due to the rounded corners.

Square dining tables make the best use of space in square-shaped dining rooms. If you occasionally need to seat more than eight people, consider getting a square table with leaves that convert the table into a rectangular shape. The longer table will make it easier for diners to reach for food and condiments.

Select the Style and Material

The final tip in our quick guide to finding the right dining room table is to select the table’s style and material. Dining tables can be made with composite materials, wood, glass, or metal. The material and construction determine the table’s care requirements and design aesthetic.

Wood tables offer warmth and durability, whereas stone-topped tables have a modern and sleek look. Metal tables typically have an industrial and minimalist design.

Tables that feature more than one type of material can create unique impressions. Wooden tables with metal components combine classic and modern designs.

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