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Unexpected Uses for Your Home Dining Table

Unexpected Uses for Your Home Dining Table

Despite its name, a dining table is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use for more occasions than just mealtime. Thinking beyond the table’s traditional function can help you transform your dining room or inspire you to bring the table into other rooms. Discover some unexpected uses for your home dining table to make the most of your furniture.

Expansive Workstation

Many homeowners have shifted to a full or partial remote work schedule. Make your work-from-home days more productive and enjoyable by converting your dining table into a workstation.

Use a desk pad underneath your monitor, keyboard, and mouse to protect the table, and plug everything into a surge protector to give each device access to electricity. You can hide and organize cables with ties or a cable sleeve.

Fun Board Game Table

If you love game nights with family and friends, why not create a board game room? Use a removable board game table mat to protect the dining table, reduce friction, and control noise.

Built-in or freestanding storage will help your new board game room look fresh and fun. Cabinets for large board games and drawers for smaller games, like cards, make it easy to find what you’re looking for on every game night.

Outdoor Gardening or Dining

Another unexpected use for your home dining table is outdoor gardening or dining. If your dining table is narrow and you have a green thumb, you could convert the table into a comfortable potting station. Meanwhile, a larger dining table can find new life on your patio as an outdoor eating area.

Hardwoods like mahogany and teak withstand the outdoors best, but some softwoods, like cedar, have natural moisture-wicking properties. Apply a weatherproof sealant to the table to protect it from discoloration, cracks, and other damage.

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