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The Best Furniture in Houston & Where to Find It

How can you find the best furniture in Houston? In the world? Furniture plays a big part in our lives so finding the best furniture in Houston for our homes really matters. Think about it. You get home from work and where do you sit? On furniture. You make dinner and where do you eat it? On furniture. You have friends over and where do you hang out? On furniture. Your family gets together for the holidays and where do you spend your time? On furniture. What you fill your home with not only determines how comfortable you are but also how inviting and welcoming your home becomes.

That is why we are sharing our secrets about the most beautiful and best selling pieces in our showroom. We travel the world looking for the world’s best and bring it back to Houston, Texas because we believe only the most unique and highest quality pieces are worth bringing into our homes.


vintage sideboard houston furniture

This sideboard is made from vintage doors in India. As a result, The Canar sideboard is truly one of a kind. You just can’t create old Indian doors in a factory. This traditional recycled wood sideboard is rich with texture and style due to the handcrafted rustic white finish. Refined vintage wood doors provide generous storage serving as a beautiful multi-purpose media console or a dining room buffet. (And bonus points: there is a Warm Walnut color choice for this as well!)


mid-century modern office desk, modern farmhouse, houston furniture

The Taylor Writing Desk is a mix of both masculine and feminine energy. We love the mid-century design which features a solid, reclaimed wood top and hand-forged iron legs that flare out from the middle. It is the perfect addition to any contemporary home. Has reclaimed wood ever met black iron more perfectly? (Check it out in the Tobacco & Brass color as well.)


modern, contemporary, modern farmhouse, media console

The Felix Media Console has us starry-eyed. Sleek and low to the ground, this modern media console is constructed from salvaged wood and is given a beautiful cognac finish. The contemporary, straight lines lend to a minimal design that will accommodate flat screens while the opening will easily stow media equipment. Four drawers at the bottom open to plenty of storage space. Modern meets reclaimed wood as we run with the modern farmhouse vibe. (Extra points because it comes in other colors too!)


french country, kitchen table, houston furniture, transitional, traditional

This dining room table has a timeless quality to it. The vintage-inspired design was crafted out of sustainable wood with a classic weathered grey wash finish. The carved detail in the legs gives your kitchen a unique touch. It is a transitional table that will make your home feel even homier. (We’ve paired it with the Emilia Chairs in the picture at the top of this page.)


teak coffee table, unique coffee table, contemporary, houston furniture

Your guests will be awe when they see this one of a kind ancient teak wood base that is a complete root system of a fallen tree. We find these fallen trees root systems in the jungles of Indonesia and upcycle them into unique and gorgeous coffee tables, shelves, and decor. Celebrate the beauty of nature and invite it into your home with this one-of-a-kind coffee table. Exclusive to Home Source Furniture in Houston. (Come see it in all its variety at our warehouse.)


Houston furniture, french country, kitchen table, dining table

Say hello to the Savannah Dining Table. For those who want a rustic and unique dining table, look no further. This refined and traditional table is made from 100% solid reclaimed wood and then distressed with a weathered natural wash, leaving a two-tone French country look. The trestle table was given a water-resistant coating making it stain free and features hand-carved antique column legs. Exclusive to Home Source Furniture in Houston.


transitional bed, headboard, transitional, master bedroom, houston furniture

This transitional upholstered Baylor king bed is an elegant addition to any bedroom. The tall, pleated, parchment twill headboard is modern and exudes both feminine and masculine energy. The neutral tone of the headboard allows you to change and play around with different colors and patterns to fit current trends.


lounge chair, leather, ottoman, modern, vintage, brass, houston furniture

The Jansen Lounge chair blows so many others out of the water. Put your feet up and take a load off in this stylish chair and ottoman. Brilliant turn-of-the-century style brass legs provide a unique, angular silhouette that is sophisticated and casual. Luxe top-grain leather gives a marbled appearance with oak detailing. Brass meets saddle leather with old fashioned sophistication.


houston furniture, leather, sofa, vintage, modern, contemporary, trendy, cognac

This Grant Leather Sofa has everyone drooling. It is soft, vintage, comfortable, classic, and trendy all in one go. The sort of couch that stays a family favorite for years to come. It’s one of those kinda things that just get’s better with time.

We believe homes in Houston deserve the world’s finest. Come check out the best furniture in Houston at our Post Oak Showroom or stop by our warehouse. You can also like us on Facebook for updates on sales and new inventory or follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes footage as we travel the world hunting for the best furniture out there. We’d love to see you over on our Pintrest page where we post design tips and ideas. We can’t wait to fill your home with the best furniture in Houston from all over the world.

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The Beautiful World of Transitional Buffets

When you hear the word “buffet,” you probably think of an endless row of food that usually ends with a full belly and heartburn. However, when it comes to decorating your home, transitional buffets may be the option you need when you are looking to complete a dining room. You may also have an empty entryway or just need a piece with lots of storage. Buffets –  sometimes referred to as sideboards –come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and styles. It will be hard not to find the perfect one at our showroom or warehouse. When you come to visit us, keep these few questions in mind:

How much storage do you need?

The main function of a buffet is usually storage. Transitional buffets are great for rooms that lack storage. They are usually placed in dining rooms to store china and make the room look less bare. Depending on the size of the room and how much you have to store is important to keep in mind. Some may need a large buffet like our eight-foot Umbria Sideboard, while something smaller like the Essex Buffet could suffice. It all depends on how much space you have to spare.

How neat are you?

When it comes to decorating, one rule remains constant: Clutter is not cute. Much like the trend of floating shelves in kitchens, buffets can have or not have doors, or be see-throughwith glass, like the MSI 442. Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself about how organized you plan to be when showing off your prized china.

Where do you want to place your transitional buffets?

While buffets are usually located in the dining room, there is no reason they have to be confined to that space. A buffet can work in an entryway as a catchall or can even spruce up a hallway with decorative tchotchkes, flowers or mirror. For example, our Haxby Buffet, is a versatile design that will shine in any room.

By taking these few questions into consideration, you can choose the right buffet to use and make sure it won’t cause you any belly ache.

Thanks for reading about buffets. To get more information and to not miss any tips, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest.