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Getting to Know Shelia from Olivia Hail Designs

Who is Shelia Hail?

Shelia Hail is the owner of Olivia Hail Designs. Olivia is her middle name and she claims that it’s her designer alter ego. Shelia, originally from Northern California, is a residential interior designer in Houston! Her business goal is to design more commercial spaces in addition to residential spaces. Designing boutique hotels is a dream of hers.

Likes: Food, travelling, her family, meeting new people, music, and designing things.

Dislikes: Negative Nancy’s, when things aren’t done efficiently, and waiting for things.

How did you get into interior design?

Well, I have just entered my third year of being an interior designer in Houston. I knew I wanted to become an interior designer when I started decorating and designing spaces for the events that my church held in Arizona. I graduated with a communications degree. When the church let me design these events for them, I really got to explore my creative side.

Then when Christmas came around, I decorated my home and wanted to do more! I started posting on Facebook groups, offering my decorating services for the holidays! When a local Houston mom reached out to me about decorating her home for the holidays, I was so excited! Creating and designing spaces for people and communities to make memories is absolutely my favorite thing to do now.

Less or more?

Shelia’s Monday Mood Board Inspo

I always go with less. Learning from other designers, you always have to do everything grand which is mind-blowing to me. Although less is better for me, it has to be intentional. It doesn’t make me a minimalist at all though. I want the home to feel like it’s lived in. Clutter is just not my niche.

Favorite style in your home?

I love mid-century modern! I also love everything else – that’s why I love this store! Home Source Furniture is fabulous because it’s very well-traveled. Finding these funky little pieces is fun for me! It’s fabulous.

What is your favorite project that you have done so far?

The most recent project that I have done is a renovation. It is modern and European with a little bit of transitional. It makes sense because this client travels and their family is in German. Being able to do that from beginning to end is so much fun! I had a say in what wall could come down and what goes where. My client told me that she trusted me. That was HUGE for me. The reason why a relationship is important to me was that my client was not second-guessing me. When I second-guessed by a client, I start to doubt myself and question what I am doing. My client really boosted my confidence!

What do you think makes our furniture store different from others?

Home Source Furniture is different because y’all have a variety of stuff! The warehouse is also huge; however; it can be overwhelming for clients. As a designer, it gives us the opportunity to treasure hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces. The warehouse also doesn’t have to be totally stylized. It’s a lot of inventory! It would be nice to see new displays of furniture every so often in the showroom. There is a lot of furniture here that could be stylized beautifully together. Decorations like live (or fake) plants and books would also help make the showroom come together.

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