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Spice up your home during quarantine with Lisa Kelley

Getting to know Lisa Kelley

Lisa Kelley at Home Source Furniture Warehouse

We invited Lisa Kelley to Home Source Furniture to get to know her better as well as ask her some tips and tricks on how to spice up your home during quarantine. Lisa Kelley is not only an interior designer. She is a wife, married for 33 years (to the best guy in the world). A grandma to two of the most amazing grandkids, and a mom to five adult children, including a daughter in law.

Her goal for 2021 is to set boundaries. The whole pandemic has caused her to rethink what is most important in her life. Setting boundaries will help her keep less busy while creating a sense of peace and tranquility. “I do not want to let my calendar dictate my life,” she says. “I’d rather be more in control of what my life looks like.”

Fun facts about Lisa Kelley:

Likes: Great lighting, vintage rugs, and statement pieces.

Dislikes: Vessel sinks, buying matching furniture sets, and pillow soft sofa cushions.

How it all started

She has always known that she has a passion for making people’s homes look beautiful. When she babysat during high school, she would rearrange the house while the kids were sleeping. “I’ve always been able to see things in 3D.” says Lisa. However, she did not go to school for interior design. Instead, she studied fashion and design. She then became a flight attendant for Delta Airlines for 33 years, traveled the globe, and was inspired by the homes she saw all around the world. The passion intensified as her kids got a little older in high school. She started designing for commercial businesses and has worked with some of the most amazing designers, contractors, architects, and engineers. “I got to do these ginormous projects, built from the ground up. Now I am a residential interior designer and I love it.” Lisa states. “A good transformation is what satisfies me as a designer here in Houston.”

What does her home look like during quarantine?

Her favorite style in her home is a fusion of both old and nouveau. “I love treasure hunting and that is why I love Home Source Furniture! I love going through the warehouse and picking out one-of-kind treasures or wood pieces that I can incorporate with some more modern pieces,” she mentions. “My home is comfortable but also whimsical. I guess you could say my style is European. Having people use their five senses in my home is what I strive for.”

Less is more.

“I love starting with less. The problem is that people love to fill space with stuff. So getting rid of something to make room for the new things is pretty upsetting and a waste of money to be honest. I think less is more since it’s a healthier place to be in and gives you a sense of tranquility rather than a sense of clutter.”

She mentions that when there is less clutter, there is less stress. However, there are times when a collection is okay such as vases and pottery. It depends on how it’s stylized and if it is functional in the home as well.

What is your favorite piece at Home Source Furniture and how would you style it?

“Club chairs have to be one of them since there is a trend of using extra space in your home as a sit-in cozy nook. I also love the very organic natural pieces such as the live edge tables or driftwood decor. These pieces bring a little more warmth to a space and that’s what every home needs!”

There is also the Uvlade leather sofa with wide arms and depth to it that Lisa absolutely loves. There’s a vintage look to the leather, to where if you scratch it, it will add more rustic charm. The arms are exceptionally wide where it lends itself to additional seating.

“When you walk into the showroom at the Home Source Furniture warehouse for the very first time, you notice it’s styled beautifully. You can turn every corner and see every type of furniture for every style of home. It’s gorgeous and I love it. All of my senses start tingling because I want everything. Then you walk into the warehouse, and it becomes overwhelming because there is so much more furniture to look at. I would stylize the warehouse and showroom with more greenery and rugs. You walk in and immediately smell wood. Bringing warmth to all the senses is very important; especially within a business.”

Here are Lisa’s top 5 tips to spice up your home during quarantine:

  1. Paint your walls! You can paint on your own, practice with different colors, and have fun with it.
  2. If you want to be bold and brave, you can even use peel and stick wallpaper for an accent wall.
  3. Clearing a bookshelf and starting fresh feels good. Just starting over feels good. Push all the furniture to the side and start bringing in pieces one at a time. Rearranging and rethinking your new layout could really change your home.
  4. Do things that make you feel good such as adding plants, or creating a corner with plants. If you’re anything like me that can’t keep a plant alive, artificial plants will work too.
  5. Lastly, I took everything out of my glass cabinets and rearranged it by adding a little bit of color.