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Patio Furniture in Houston

Where exactly can you find high quality, unique patio furniture in Houston? The answer is pretty simple and if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect patio furniture, you’ve finally arrived at the right spot. Continue scrolling to discover the best patio furniture in Houston.

Do you find yourself bored of the every day patio furniture that everyone has? Do you crave something new and beautiful? Well… let me introduce you to up-cycled teak wood. Indeed, pretty much any furniture made of teak wood can stand strong in outdoor weather conditions, though it is just as beautiful indoors. Recently, our unique teak style has been featured on Netflix Real Estate shows showcasing incredible back decks & yards. Interested, yet?

Here are six ideas to dress up your outdoor spaces with beautiful patio furniture in Houston.

Teak Wood Benches

A bench in any outdoor area is both functional and gorgeous. It can seat many people when needed as well as filling an outdoor space beautifully.

Teak Wood Chairs

Every backyard space needs an outdoor eating area to enjoy the summer (or in Houston, fall) air. Consider teak wood chairs to fill this position. There are so many unique styles to choose from.

Teak Wood Dining Table

What good are dining chairs if there is no table to eat around? Consider a piece of outdoor furniture that is guaranteed to hold up through the years and explore your teak wood table options.

Teak Root Coffee Table

This unique style has been featured in many Real Estate shows and is gaining attention for it’s unique, modern feel. Add a teak root coffee table to sit around in the evenings. No two look the same, so come explore our warehouse to discover all your options. You can even ask us to paint these a stark white or black to add to the modern aesthetic. (The glass top is optional!)

Outdoor Teak Decor

There are so many interesting teak decor pieces to choose from. Root sculptures, carved buffalo heads, and wall art are all within your reach. Dress up your space with one-of-a-kind decor.

Teak Wood Cocktail Bar

Saving the best for last, this cocktail bar is truly one-of-a-kind. Dress up your backyard space with patio furniture in Houston to entertain.

As all things teak go, every piece is unmatched and completely unique. If you are local, drop by our warehouse to check out all our patio furniture in Houston and get a taste of just how unique these furnishings are. We’d love to see you!

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