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What To Know When Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame

What To Know When Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame

The bed frame is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. The right bed frame can improve sleep quality and elevate your bedroom design. Discover what to know when choosing the perfect bed frame.

Measure the Bedroom Dimensions

Consider your bedroom’s dimensions to select furniture that makes your space look and feel balanced. For the most comfortable fit, keep two to three feet of clear space around each side and the end of the bed.

Measure the bedroom to determine the range of bed frame sizes your room can comfortably hold. If you want to visualize what your new bed frame will look like in the room, you can place painter’s tape on the floor to mark the area the bed will occupy.

Consider Your Mattress’s Needs

If you’re keeping your current mattress, be sure to get a properly sized bed frame for adequate support and a beautiful look. You should also keep in mind support and ventilation requirements for your mattress type.

For example, adequate air circulation is critical for longevity and temperature regulation for memory foam mattresses, so you should select a bed frame with slats or ventilation holes. Bed frame slats should have no more than three inches of space between them for even support across the memory foam mattress.

Think About Bed Height

Bed frame height affects your bedroom’s style, storage possibilities, and ease of moving in and out of the bed. For many people, the most comfortable bed frame height allows them to sit on the edge of the bed with their feet flat on the floor and their hips and knees at 90 degrees.

However, you may prefer or require a higher or lower bed frame. It’s often easier to get in and out of a taller bed, and the added height provides more discreet storage space under the bed. In contrast, you may prefer a lower bed frame for a minimalist look or if your bedroom has low or sloped ceilings.

Compare Bed Frame Materials

Finally, select a bed frame that complements your interior design preferences. The frame’s material and color give the furniture its unique character.

You can choose from metal, wood, and upholstered bed frames. Metal bed frames have a more open look than wood or upholstered bed frames, thanks to the space between the rods in the headboard and footboard.

Wood bed frames have a warm, organic aesthetic and come in various shades. Upholstered bed frames add softness to the bedroom, and special designs, like a tufted headboard, add an elegant touch. The headboards of wood and upholstered bedframes create a striking focal point.

When choosing the perfect bed frame, it’s essential to consider your bedroom’s dimensions, mattress requirements, bed height, and the frame’s materials. You can browse an array of stylish and secure bed frames at Home Source Furniture.

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