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5 Tips For Choosing Your Kitchen Table

How to choose a kitchen table

5 tips for choosing your kitchen table. Are you struggling to choose the best kitchen table for your home? This is the post for you!

Choose The Size of Your Kitchen Table

Transitional dining table. Houston Furniture Store.

First, choose the right size. The size will be determined by two factors.

#1. How many people need to be able to sit around it at one time? You may want to be able to fit every aunt and second cousin for the holidays but consider the every day life occurrences for the kitchen table instead. Perhaps, choose a table to fit your immediate family in the kitchen and leave the holiday dinners to your dining room table.

#2. What does your kitchen have space for? Choose a table that fills up the available space but doesn’t go overboard. You should be able to easily walk around it even with the chairs there too.

(You can find the table to the left here.)

Choose The Shape

Houston Furniture Store. Round table.

What shape is your go to? What would fit in your space best? The most common shape of table is a classic rectangle. However, it is becoming more common to choose round tables in the kitchen as it makes for great conversations. You might find yourself going with a square kitchen table as well.

Choose The Style of Your Kitchen Table

Houston Furniture Store.  Barn wood herringbone kitchen table.

Do you like a rustic style? What about french-country? Whether you find yourself leaning towards mid-century modern, transitional, or modern farmhouse, you’ll need to know which style you’d like before you officially choose a kitchen table.

(You can find the table to the left here.)

Choose The Material

Houston Furniture Store. Reclaimed wood table.

These days there are so many options when it comes to materials. The important thing is that the table you choose will be with your family for years, if not generations. It is important to choose a material that can withstand the test of time. Bonus points if it can withstand the changing of styles as well! Whether you choose a live edge oak, deep stained walnut, hand carved wood, salvaged wood, weathered wood, choose one with a promise of high quality. When choosing a kitchen table, the material truly matters-not only in style but durability as well.

Go With Your Gut

Modern dining table. Houston Furniture Store.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you read or how long you search. You know in your heart what your favorite kitchen table is. And if you don’t… it’s the one you thought of when you read that last statement *wink*.

So make the call, stop by the store, hit purchase. You know which one you need now– congratulations.

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