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Quarantine Home Office: 5 Feminine Pieces You Need

Quarantine home offices just might be the most used place in your home these days. As unfortunate as that may be, you actually find yourself a bit excited at the idea of updating a few pieces in your quarantine home office space. Here are a few of our favorites to spark some ideas for you!

The Lawford Chair

office details

The Lawford Chair. This chair is aesthetically gorgeous, as well as absolutely comfy for the long hours you’ll spend at your home office desk.

The Izzy Chair

art deco feminine chair

The Izzy Chair. Add a little flavor to your home office space with one or two of the Izzy Chair. Throw in a touch of vintage nostalgia to your home with this seashell back chair.  Upholstered in an alluring black velvet fabric with polished electroplated chrome legs.  The backrest features tone-on-tone stitching and a flared scalloped border.  A gorgeous Art Deco design, perfect for moments of relaxation.

The Cameron Floor Lamp

industrial floor lamp

The Cameron Floor Lamp. Add a little charm to your home office space with this steampunk floor lamp. It is made of pipes and a vintage street lamp so it brings a little something old into the new space you’ve created.

We can’t wait to see what you do to update your quarantine home office space. So, tag us in your photos @homesourcefurniture so we can see!

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