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7 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Family Cabin

Have you recently bought a family cabin? Are you preparing to decorate your family cabin soon? It can be overwhelming when it seems there is so much to design, plan, decorate, and purchase. We’ve made it easy with these “7 simple ways to decorate your family cabin”.

Tip #1 Decorate your Family Cabin with Plenty of Seating

The cabin is meant to be a place for family to gather. That may be the first reason you bought it in the first place. To invite people to sit around and stay awhile creating great conversation, you may find it fun and cozy to seat many people in the great room. There are many ways to achieve this. First, make sure to put in a large couch. From there, build around the couch. Add soft chairs with character (think leather or upholstered pieces). Poufs can be a simple decoration or be used as extra seating when needed.

Tip #2 Decorate your Master Bedroom with Unique Pieces

Think about it, this is your second home. Your home away from home, if you will. Instead of decorating the master bedroom exactly like your every day home, go with a more unique style. Perhaps you find yourself leaning more toward the cozy cabin feel so you choose a rustic headboard. You might also need a unique dresser for storage when you stay the week. Throw in some nightstands and a bench and you’re set in the master suite.

Tip #3 Put A Unusual Bench in the Entry

As mentioned above, this is a fun opportunity to choose pieces you love but wouldn’t ordinarily bring into your home. Put a bench like this one on the front porch that has a lot of texture so it adds to the curb appeal, while also providing a quiet place to watch the sunset. Also, use a bench right inside the entryway where people can sit to take off their boots. Speaking of benches, perhaps you’d like to use one like this near the fireplace for those cozy, chilly nights.

Tip #4 Choose Reclaimed Wood for Guest Rooms

Reclaimed wood is the perfect addition to any cabin, regardless of location. It is both warm and rustic while creating a classical or traditional style for the room. Throw in plenty of neutral colored throw pillows and a giant duvet for cozy nights.

Tip #5 Choose a LARGE Kitchen Table

Because the cabin is meant to be a gathering place (at least some of the time!!) you might think about the size of kitchen table you’d like. How many family members and friends might you like to fit around the table at one time? A reclaimed wood table would make quite a statement in your cabin kitchen. If you’re having a hard time choosing a kitchen table to decorate your family cabin, check out this blog post for some tips!

Tip #6 Outdoor Furniture

If your cabin is somewhere that is warm at least part of the year, outdoor furniture will be extremely important. Rustic benches work very well for back decks. Throw in an outdoor table and chairs with a pop of fun color.

Tip #7: Splurge on a Few Pieces

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